Photo Contest "Holiday fairy tale with Groupon» Online
 The holiday season is open! In these most wonderful, Christmas and New Year days, you can with a clear conscience to postpone the works that are then indulge in unrestrained merriment - each of us deserves it. And, of course, what a woman miss a wonderful opportunity to show their festive outfits - and let someone they are prepared ahead of time, while others found the dream dress at the last minute - it does not matter. What is important is that the site every day becomes more beautiful, well-groomed and confident women - those who have already acquired an attractive shape and those who are confident it is. And we want to see you in all his glory - glory in elegant dresses, refined and light make-up of happy faces.

Claim your photos to a photo contest in festive attire and win a fulfillment of their desires: to take care of them magician, who knows better than anyone what a woman wants, the partner site - service of collective discounts Groupon . He will give six queens festive tales of miracles.

The winner, who took first place at the end of user voting, will receive the grand prize - a certificate Groupon for 3500 rubles.

The winner, chosen by the site administrator receive a Groupon gift certificate for 3000 rubles.

Prize Award sponsor - Groupon will go to the winner of the third. It will be a Groupon certificate for 2500 rubles.

But that's not all! Another three contestants will receive prizes Award - Groupon certificates with par value of 1,000 rubles. They would get it to those whose proportions are far from the standard, but whose taste, the optimism and the ability to enjoy the holiday we go to applaud standing.

 Photo Contest "Holiday fairy tale with Groupon» Online

* All certificates can be exchanged for any goods or services for Groupon shares without additional payment (within the specified amount)
** Groupon Representative Office opened in several cities in Russia. If your city is not represented Groupon, you can issue a certificate for the prize of friends and family and get them through the selected prize.

Welcome to the festive and magical fun this winter!