Show everyone your family status with a new accessory
 Members of Facebook and other social networks are used to, it is possible for others to show their marital status. Anyone logging on to your personal page, can see you married, you are open for new acquaintances, or does not wish anyone to contact. The idea of ​​showing all your current status embodied not only in the virtual.

The French company offers a novelty Buump Relationship Bracelets - is a set of 5 or 10 different colors of bracelets with inscriptions. Each bracelet represents a different status.

New first appeared in Europe. But it is now sold in the United States, where she became very popular by the New York Fashion Week. Star Kristin Cavallari and designer Betsey Johnson have arrived in the last week in these bracelets, and then the ladies literally "sick" a new idea, waiting for the appearance of new products in the United States.

 Show everyone your family status with a new accessory

Authors of the idea of ​​bracelets with the status oriented, first of all, the audience of 13 to 35 years. Bracelets can be worn individually and can be combined. Thus, a young girl can wear a bracelet and "married" and "want to meet," and counterpart will know exactly what she is ready.

Author: Julia Gnedina