The cabin, which prompts the correct model of jeans
 The problem of choosing jeans models exist only as long as there are female models jeans. Occasionally one of us fails the first time to determine the necessary cut and size. The inventors of the UK have decided to simplify the problem of choice.

Invented here such unit. Somehow it reminds of the vertical tanning booth. Name of new items - Bodymetrics pod.

Built-in measuring devices scan the figure went down in a booth and give women an accurate 3D-model of the female figure. These data are processed and classified on several parameters: the type of shape, size. Then, the client receives an accurate recommendation for the purchase of jeans: which brands, styles and cutting fit most.

It is planned that the first 100 copies of the booths will be on US retail stores. The experiment will last for 2 years, and if the demand for this service will be great, the technology spread throughout the world.

Author: Julia Gnedina