Singing toothbrush from the popular youth artist
 If you - a fan of the 17-year-old Canadian singer, then you certainly will be pleased with the new products for the oral hygiene of the ... Justin Bieber. Yes, it's not just a toothbrush and dental floss, and even the tongue scraper.

But the main thing in these updates - it's not even a photo and autograph pet Justin on the products. Toothbrush, such as "sing" to you a couple of tracks Bieber while you brush your teeth in the morning. In her small built-in speaker, which comes from the music.

Initially it was assumed that a set of teeth by Justin Bieber is mostly a product of the youth, but there will be the same brush, and adult sizes. New products will be available in July 2011, on the website of Justin.

 Singing toothbrush from the popular youth artist

I wonder if the producers do not have the ideas to create, for example, singing a washcloth, which will be a duet for fans sing in the bathroom? It would be nice to get hold of a good morning mood and singing and telling jokes mascara or a comb ...

Author: Julia Gnedina