What is the candlestick?
 Unusual designers came up with the term male line of Dior Homme. It's a shoe for men who can not decide what they wear: boots or sandals?

Literally candlesticks - it Shuz + sandals (in English it looks like this: Shandals - Shoes + Sandals). The word was born just as the term is turned dzhegginsy (jeans + leggings, that is, tight jeans). It seems to me that as women's shoes candlesticks would look too stylish.

In general, even if you are not going in the near future for Dior boutique for Shandalov favorite guy, then somewhere in the community will be able to surprise the new term))))

By the way, is a pair of candlesticks from Dior Homme cheap. Up to 800 dollars. The French store Colette - $ 675.

 What is the candlestick?
Photo: colette.fr

Author: Julia Gnedina