Getting to eat - our tips
 Of course, the decision to start to eat right - it's not all to lose weight. The rules should be simple and clear, so that can be followed. Here we offer to you and. And then - just try to say that to eat - it's hard. It's very easy!

So, our advice is to start to eat:

1. The choice of clothing affects the way we eat. Do not believe? Studies show that women who prefer loose-fitting clothing, eat more! No more shapeless T-shirts!

2. Refuse every day just from something one. This is a very difficult and painful to go directly to the products we believed all my life empty and tasteless. So just give up the habitual diet - it is inefficient, still want the usual food. So just choose every day, from what you now able to refuse from white bread, meat, from cheese, alcohol ... and so on. Everything else in your diet if still remains the same. Only one this rule will immediately cut hundreds of calories on the menu, and stress - no!

3. At first, do not cut the size eaten. See a couple of slices on a plate of fried potatoes instead of the usual portions - a depressing spectacle could lead to the fact that you did give up plans to start eating right. Therefore, reducing portions - not an option. Put yourself familiar large plate only place that can be eaten in large enough quantities: shrimp, chicken, vegetables, fried or raw. Such food can be eaten really for long.

4. No sauces! At first, give up on them, especially cream-based cream or butter, of course, about the mayonnaise is also better to forget.

5. Eat slowly. Drink a glass of water before a meal, then eating in you "enter" a little less.

6. Alcohol. We can not urge you all to give him, just try to avoid empty calories contained in alcohol. And how to do it? There's a piece of advice: do not drink that tastes good. For example, on a favorite white wine better refrain as well as cocktails. But when you drink what you do not like - you can not drink a lot of it, and hence will not consume empty calories.

Author: myCharm: Julia Gnedina