Professional Pedicure at home - easy!
 With professional delimited to the toes of the CND! Every year, creating topical images of summer season on the world's leading fashion shows, stylists are increasingly focused on the bright and eye-pedicure. The secret of this trend, of course, lies in the fact that such an exquisite design of the nail turns them into a trendy accessory that is available even at home.

Nail-stylists CND - the official nail experts from leading fashion weeks around the world, it is recommended to carry out such a stylish pedicure professional use dividers to toe. They allow you to make the lacquer is very convenient and fast. This professional enhancement of CND represents two flexible and soft rods that divide evenly fingers regardless of their completeness, and do not create a strong and painful pressure. Accessories for pedicure CND (Creative Nail Design) made of soft synthetic material, so they are very convenient for both professional and home use, and is very durable.

Separators CND (Creative Nail Design) will become an indispensable tool in creating stylish pedicure.

The cost of 400 rubles.

 Professional Pedicure at home - easy!

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila