Especially for Men - means a high concentration
 All long it has been clear that men need their products for facial care. Givenchy offers a solution: the high concentration of funds. What does it mean? This - the efficiency, speed, comfort, economy of time (once a day is enough for the application of a minimum amount of funds). In short, concentrated means of skin care - perfect for men. Meet the new products.

• GIVENCHYMAN intensive moisturizing and soothing balm.

Apply it should be every day after shaving and / or at bedtime. Given the high concentration of balsam, a single tap is enough to be applied to the entire face area. Results will delight and men, and of course, us, their women:

- Leather maximum hydrated, protected, eliminating the tightness and flaking. This is achieved thanks to the formula with two kinds of sugar, xylitol, glucose, superpitatelnym shea butter. All - in concentrated doses.

- The skin is free from irritation and redness. To do this, a part of balm - soothing complex of high concentrations: extract of camomile (one of the best ingredients to relieve irritation) plus a molecule Calmosensine, which gives the skin comfort.

Also balm, a series of concentrated products GIVENCHYMAN offers two more anti-aging agents and four - for daily care:

• Firming anti-wrinkle cream.

• Soothing Eye Contour Gel with a rejuvenating effect.

• Exfoliating and smoothing peeling gel.

• Hydrating gel with vitamins.

• Moisturizing Serum to relieve fatigue.

• Shaving cream with vitamins.

Author: myCharm: Julia Gnedina