Faberlic invites beauty cafe
 BeautyCafe (Beauty Cafe) Delicious oxygen from Faberlic - a new series of amazing products. It combines tools that operate across the board for youth, beauty and good mood from facial and body to perfume and tools for the soul. The menu Beauty cafes only natural extracts of fruits, berries, cereals ... and even coffee. All products are divided into five interesting scales with the original design and amazing textures.

BeautyCafe Delicious oxygen - indeed, the present pre-holiday opening. Tell us briefly about the range of products.

• Facial.   Gamma Time Therapy, Apple and rice.
Try apple and rice diet for your skin. The structure of each product range includes oxygen complex, extracts of apple and rice, as well as complex Skin-Diet ™, which acts as the ideal diet for your skin, obechspechivaya her daily care and prolonging its youth. The products are suitable for the age of 25-35 years.

- Day Cream "Ultrauvlazhnenie and firmness", 319 rubles.
- Night Cream "Recovery and resilience", 319 rubles.
- Smoothing cream-gel for the skin around the eyes, 299 rubles.

 Faberlic invites beauty cafe

• Body care.   Gamma Italian vacation, cappuccino, tiramisu, creme brulee.
The Italians, like no one else knows what it means to live happily! Understands enjoying flavored desserts masterfully - cappuccino, tiramisu, creme brulee! Products series "Italian vacation" elevate mood and evoke dreams of Italian vacation!

- Two-phase cream bath foam "Cappuccino", 199 rubles.
- Creme Brulee hand, 139 rubles.
- Body cream "Tiramisu", 199 rubles.

 Faberlic invites beauty cafe

• Caring for the face and body . Gamma Apple Pomegranate.
The product includes an oxygen complex, extracts of apple and pomegranate!

- Bubble Bath "Apple and grenades" 89 rubles.
- Shower Gel "Apple and grenades" 89 rubles.
- Body Scrub "Apple and grenades", 129 rubles.

 Faberlic invites beauty cafe

• Body care. Gamma honey cakes.
After a bright frosty day in the woods or at the rink, so nice to return to the cozy warmth of the house where smells fragrant tea and honey cakes. The composition of the product range includes oxygen complex and extract honey.

- Cream-shower gel "Honey gingerbread" 89 rubles.
- Body Scrub "honey cakes", 129 rubles.
- Liquid cream soap "honey cakes" 79 rubles.

 Faberlic invites beauty cafe

• Perfume.
Soft floral-powder fragrance Beauty Café invites you to plunge into the atmosphere of the cafe, enjoy a leisurely conversation and sample delicious treats. Elegant and slim, it attracts the eyes and makes you long to look after you ...

 Faberlic invites beauty cafe

Author: myCharm: Julia Gnedina