New from Artisrtry - foundation with a moisturizing effect and an SPF of 15
 New foundation of Artisrtry can become indispensable this season. Because in addition to the natural color and smooth tone, it gives the skin long-lasting hydration and protection from external influences and keeps the skin fresh and radiant all day.

This foundation can be used instead of your normal daily moisturizer. New non-comedogenic, does not clog pores or cause acne.

One of the main advantages of the new foundation - its air and light texture, transparent texture, so it can be applied to the skin around the eyes. It is worth noting as a composition in which the lungs are moisturizing ingredients that provide long-lasting hydration. As you know, the lack of moisture - one of the reasons for the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging skin. A novelty from Artisrtry helps to smooth wrinkles, making the skin look younger and flawless.

The presence of the filter SPF - is one of the basic requirements for us to modern makeup. New foundation of Artisrtry a sunscreen SPF 15 that protects the skin from damage and premature aging caused by UV irradiation. Experts say that such protection we need in winter.

Cream is presented in new improved shades, developed using technology ARTISTRY ™ Ideal Shade (Ideal shade). Ask a novelty at the Amway Independent Business.

Author: myCharm: Julia Gnedina