Sweet dreams: Bedtime new means of Johnson's Baby
 How wonderful to watch the sleeping crumbs. It seems that time has stopped and everything was plunged into the realm of sleep and peace of mind. You strive to extend these sweet moments and make your baby nothing could disturb, because it certainly is now dreaming magic dreams.

The prevalence of the dream in children from 10 to 50%. The causes of dreams can be a strong positive or negative emotions, stress, caused for example by a change of environment or the well-being of the baby. To crumbs only dreamed good dreams, and anxiety bothered him as little as possible, you need to spend time every night preparing for bed:
- Refuse mobile games for a few hours before bedtime and limit watching television or reading books that can excite the child;
- Remember that night waking the child may be associated with hunger, so putting a baby, do not forget the evening feeding, but do not feed your baby just before bedtime;
- Bathing - it is one of the first signals for crumbs, it's time to get ready for bed. It facilitates the transition from an active day to the good night. Bathing your baby, use foam Johnson's Baby Bedtime . It has a calming aroma NaturalCalm, which will help to facilitate the laying of the child;
- Massage also promotes good kid falling asleep. Affectionate and caring hands of mother of the child will adjust to a peaceful sleep, gave him a sense of comfort and security. To ensure that your movements are smooth and gentle massage during use Oil Johnson's Baby Bedtime ;
- Before going crumbs, it is necessary to change a diaper, that nothing prevented the baby sleep through the night. For this procedure use diaper cream under Johnson's Baby Tenderness Nature Which soothes and protects the baby's skin, preventing the appearance of redness and irritation.

Polouektov MG, a sleep doctor, Ph.D., associate professor of the Moscow Medical Academy named after IM Sechenov, a member of the expert council of Johnson's Baby: "In the first year of life the child has formed associations connected with a dream: he gets used to sleep in a certain place at a certain time and if there is a certain ritual. You do not have to comply with it is a sequence mode" carotid ceremony. "You can change the procedure, in line so how convenient for you and your baby. The main thing is to stay the ritual constantly, and your crumb will quietly fall asleep and sleep through the night is sweet " .

Author: MyCharm.ru: Lavrushina Lyudmila