The highly anticipated perfume by Balenciaga
 The news, which became known in July, finally found some details. We already wrote about a very surprising step perfume house Balenciaga - decision making fragrance, which will be the face of the actress Charlotte Gainsbourg, daughter of the famous Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg. And now almost all the details are known.

Critics have warned that by face flavor Charlotte, Nicolas Zhesker (art director of brand) made a very non-commercial move. But the artist himself admitted that he was absolutely unimportant, because the other person to perfume himself never imagined. "This is a bold, powerful aroma, - said the author - made with irony, but very modern." Charlotte herself crazy about what happened. She immediately gave up the spirits, which were used to create this smell. And now it was her smell.

 The highly anticipated perfume by Balenciaga
Nicolas and Charlotte

 The highly anticipated perfume by Balenciaga
  Charlotte Gainsbourg

Author flavor - Olivier Polzh (best-selling author of Viktor & Rolf and Eau Mega) - offered floral chypre composition. Before you start Zhesker Polzh offered a list of scents that she sees in flavor. There were also unexpected requests, for example, the smell of mastic floor or gasoline, are also on the list is the notes of cloves and violet flowers. Perfume chose violet, and made it the center of flavor. Add all the notes of the wood water, patchouli, cedar. And to flavor acquired several urban shade, included the notes of gasoline.

Regarding the form of the bottle, it is completely the idea of ​​Nicolas, who believes that the vial should display the head, neck and body of a beautiful stranger. At the base of the vial has a hexagon, which gradually becomes a shape without edges.

Now we know about the new product almost everything remains to wait for February 2010, when the smell will be launched on the market.

Author: myCharm: Julia Gnedina