There comes a cold - think of the lips
 Experts say that with the onset of winter, the most vulnerable part of the face can be called lips. The skin of the lips in the winter often becomes dry, scaly and loses its color. If you often outdoors, winter sports, then take extra care on the lips just need! Agree, even a good lipstick to such protection is not very suitable. Brand D'oliva has for you as much as two proposals in this regard.

D'oliva offers two lip balm. Choose among them his own. Besides that, like all cosmetics of the brand, the formula is based on the pure Tuscan olive oil, and additional funds are caring and moisturizing ingredients.

• D'oliva Lip Balm. This balm in a small tube has: jojoba oil, avocado, almond and soya glycine. All this makes the lips soft and elastic, promotes healing of cracks.

• D'oliva Hygiene Lip Balm. It's such a chapstick Balm with Vitamin E and refreshing peppermint oil. Balm nourishes and restores dry, chapped and peeling lips.

D'oliva All products can be bought in pharmacies or specialized stores goods for health.

Author: myCharm: Julia Gnedina