Anatomy flavor: Amour Le Parfum, Kenzo
 Amour Le Parfum - a new edition of perfumed by Kenzo, an updated version of 2006 fragrance Kenzo Amour.

The inspiration for it was the "Golden East" that will help you in any situation. The fragrance was developed by perfumer Daphne Bugey, which together with Olivier Cresp created the original version of Amour.

Amour Le Parfum for Amour - the same as the Kenzo Flower Oriental for the original Flower: it is permeated with the main theme, but softened by the sweetness with dark wood base. Amour opens quietly flowering cherry and rice steaming (the other notes in the original: white tea, plumeria, heliotrope, incense, vanilla and musk) and then adjusts to warmer notes (amber, frankincense, benzoin and patchouli). In the early stages it can be described as the dusty resinous later he leveled and becomes amber-wood.

I really like Amour, but I badly imagine it more soft and weak. If you also like Amour, but you find it too quiet, too pale or too sweet, Amour Le Parfum may make you liking. It is a deep, dry. Those of you who are largely not like heliotrope in the Amour, may not be quite pleasantly surprised this time; for me, in this version it is more noticeable than in the previous one - not overwhelming, but there is a clear and manifest his presence.

The bottle has the same luxurious design by Karim Rashid, has been used in traditional Amour a for Amour Indian Holi, but this time he is in the stately matte bronze and gold tones. I noticed that the original brightly colored bottle Amour screaming "Buy me", in this case, she screams no quieter.

Really hard to write that it was "the best flavor 2008" - there were so many new releases that can easily compete with each other, but I'm sure Amour Le Parfum topped the list.

Author: Ann, New York