Eyeshadow with lifting effect Lifting Eye Shadow
 Anew Beauty Series combines all the advanced anti-aging series Anew development and delightful decorative properties make-up person.

Anew Beauty Series represents a novelty - luxury Eyeshadow with lifting effect, which provides not only color, but also the delicate care of the centuries:

- Tighten the eyelid skin - provide a lifting effect,
- Reduce eyelid edema,
- Provide proof make-up for the whole day.

Clinical studies have shown that these gentle silky shadows have great potential - they fight wrinkles. Fine wrinkles are reduced significantly, and the skin of the eyelids becomes more supple and taut.

Recommended Use

With brush applicator, apply a thin layer of shade on the upper eyelid and blend evenly (if necessary with your fingertips). It can be used alone or as a base for dry shadows to enhance the durability and color saturation. Perhaps a combination of several shades.