Means to mitigate and remove the cuticle Cuticle Eraser, CND (Creative Nail Design)
 No matter how fashion changes, manicure still remains the most relevant accessory. After all, well-groomed nails are not only a sign of good manners but also a means of self-expression.

But in order to handle look perfect, it is not necessary to give preference only to manicure. After all, the "European" no less effective than the "classic" and even has an advantage: it eliminates the possibility of cuts and injuries, as well as suspend the "growth" of the cuticle.

Leader in Nail-industry CND (Creative Nail Design) is a new cream to soften and remove the cuticle Cuticle Eraser. It consists of 4 natural fruit acids that make the skin around the nails orange stick can be easily removed. The tool can be used with any kind of manicure. Additionally contained in the cream vitamin complex of herbal supplements has a positive effect on the skin and cuticles. Cuticle Eraser The drug can also be used as a therapeutic and healing agent with the effect of peeling dry skin.

Give your marigolds beauty and gentle care cream to soften and remove the cuticle Cuticle Eraser from the CND (Creative Nail Design).