Paul Mitchell children
 New products for hair of the youngest members of the family.

It's no secret that shampooing shampoo kiddies can deliver a lot of inconvenience - getting into the eyes, the alkaline solution causes irritation, discomfort and tears. Specialists Paul Mitchell are familiar with this problem, but it can now offer a simple and effective solution. Children's hair products Baby Do not Cry® designed specifically for kids. They are now represented in Russia.

Baby Do not Cry® Shampoo - the most mild, gentle shampoo that is suitable for both infants and older children. It contains extracts avapui and fir cones - excellent soothing the scalp, gently cleanses without irritating the eyes. Bonus - a pleasant scent, which will cause the baby the most pleasant emotions and transform swimming in exciting and long-awaited process.

In addition, the series came in leave-in conditioner Spray Taming Spray ™. It can be applied both on dry and on wet hair with a towel pressed. The tool is quickly absorbed, shine and volume and is ideal for children's hair, thanks to a careful composition. Extracts avapui, Kozelets, wheat proteins, plantain and Wistar - all of them are guaranteed to not cause irritation and are firmly standing guard hair health.

Taming Spray untangles hair, gives elasticity and facilitates combing. It is suitable for the beach, the pool, protecting the hair from negative external influences. Bottle is easy to carry, and spray as needed. By the way, for sure, this product will appeal not only to the kid, but his mom.