Soft jelly with silk effect "Enjoying the neo-romanticism."
 As the evening wears her favorite dress, slowly stringing bracelets on his hand and takes the stage. In the smoky room bottled jazz singer and hair dazzle the audience with his soft touch.

Jelly with effect from silk Decadent Sebastian Professional spoil your hair luxurious styling. You instantly feel the tenderness of silk in his hands. Light texture on the basis of silicone smoothes the hair surface and create the desired volume. The innovative formula with antioxidants and vitamin C to protect and strengthen the hair, filling them with vitality. Decadent accentuate the natural movement of your hair, will help preserve the color of colored hair, maintaining their shape using natural fixation.

When everydayness blown away with the smoke thin cigarettes, it's time to submit to the senses. Subdued light and bossa nova rhythms will immerse you in a world apart. It does not need to fuss and unacceptable extra words. Only the luxury fragrances, slow movements and waves of soft hair.

Application. A small amount of funds distributed in the palms and apply to damp hair. Blow dry for volume, smoothness and natural movement of the hair.