Anatomy flavor: Bouquet, Vera Wang
 It combines its proprietary wedding collection.

Explaining the inspiration fragrance designer explained: "For me, color and flavor - the perfect expression of love and commitment, and a bouquet symbolizes that unites them. In the hands of a bunch of dazzling women can be magical. "

I was very surprised to see the ad (shown) model wearing a wedding dress, but she looks a little bit unusual for Vera Wang, is not it? This is definitely not a pretty image that we have seen in the last fragrance Vera Wang, Truly Pink. Truly Pink was something strikingly original, but it was very well laid out and pleasant to use, in addition, there is no excessive conservatism that is inherent original fragrance Vera Wang, and you could pick up even more options for his socks, except wedding dress.

Bouquet opens citrus (sharp enough for a few minutes) and fresh water notes, shaded green chords (dew drops, bergamot, blackcurrant leaves, narcissus, honeysuckle, lavender, musk, cedar, iris). The heart of the perfume - mixed floral notes, very fresh, invigorating and concise; Lavender has a fairly mild fragrance, adds a special interest. This gives ease of immaterial in the end, it is necessary for brides, but has a more modern, less pronounced wedding feeling than the original flavors of Vera Wang. Bouquet largely knocked out of the "romantic and feminine" comfort zone Vera Wang.

Bouquet - a very pleasant fragrance, I do not feel any discomfort, using it for several days. But with the latest trends, offered at perfume shops, I have not quite pleasant feeling that I smell like them - that is, like everyone else. I can write my first novel about the time spent on thinking about why they all smell completely identical, and what's the difference? If you are looking for something to use on your wedding, try Bouquet; If you are looking for something romantic and with a hint of the great personality - I suggest you try Ormonde Jayne Frangipani.

Author: Ann, New York