Anatomy flavor: «Tokyo by Kenzo»
 Tokyo at night, especially on a rainy night, it might seem a nightmare for astigmatika like me: everywhere lights reflected lights from metal buildings, smooth roads, sidewalks and windows. Everywhere paints and stains! Perhaps, Kenzo Parfums is only for young people who like confusion, complex landscape of Tokyo, because «Tokyo by Kenzo», their last fragrance was created for people aged 18 to 25 years.

Components «Tokyo by Kenzo» were chosen so as to conjure up the color and rhythm of night Tokyo: yellow and red lights, green trees and bushes, tucked away in parks and small private gardens, the dark sky and the outlines of the empty skyscrapers. Namely, yellow ginger, lemon, grapefruit; pink and red bell pepper bitter orange; green shiso, mate, green tea; and dark guaiac wood, cedar, clove and nutmeg.

«Tokyo by Kenzo» opens with notes of ginger and lemon, passing into the fragrance of ripe green tea notes which quickly disappear, and you have to strain to feel the mat. The next stage - mild "heat" (grapefruit, cedar, shiso). After the aroma begins to slowly evaporate on the skin there is only a slight trace of lemon. «Tokyo by Kenzo» with confidence deserves the title of the best perfume.

Only the young man who does not like harsh perfumes, find that same zest «Tokyo by Kenzo». Color coding and thorough advertising campaign will not be able to save the flavor; However, for me, it is - the most gentle men's fragrance, released in 2007.