Anatomy flavor: Vetiver and Vetiver Extreme, Guerlain
 I was a fan of Guerlain Vetiver for several years; I recently came across (and bought) a hidden reserve of Vetiver in 1980 and was surprised by the difference between it and the aroma that is produced, and in our time. An early version of Vetiver more noble, luxury, rather than one that is on sale now. However, the old version Vetiver toilet water evaporates within an hour, at the time, as a new fragrant all day. When I heard that Guerlain made "extreme" version of their classic flavor, I had hoped that it will remind the product in 1980, but with a more long-term stability.

Vetiver Extreme contains lemon, bergamot, licorice chords, tarragon, pepper, nutmeg, incense, cedar, vetiver and tonka bean. If you read the list of ingredients of two classic scents Vetiver and Vetiver Extreme, you would have noted that Vetiver Extreme (probably) does not contain orange and tobacco (which includes the original version of Vetiver), but Guerlain add the tarragon, licorice, incense and cedar for creating new "Extreme" formula. For general information, Vetiver Extreme smells more complex and intricate than the earlier version in 1980 and a modern Vetiver.

I assumed that perfume called "extreme" will have a greater effect will be long-playing, more mysterious, or at least more complex than its "parent." Based on these criteria, Vetiver Extreme disappointed me - it has an average resistance and it does not open any new faces.

 Anatomy flavor: Vetiver and Vetiver Extreme, Guerlain
   Vetiver Extreme begins acidic citrus notes and rich green chords, which is very difficult in conjunction with tarragon. As soon as citrus and green chords are beginning to "mature" (this happens fast) there is a scent that reminds me of a flabby leaves late summer - leaves that are still green, but a bit faded and with increased odor. This is an interesting fragrance connected with nutmeg, licorice, vetiver and "raw" cedar notes that smell like cedar oil on my skin. Unfortunately, this rather pleasant mix Guerlain added a modern "fresh" chord. Annoying (for my nose) smells a little fresh fruit and menthol notes. Vetiver Extreme contains a little more juicy and green chords, but it smells like the original Vetiver.

If you like, and you're using the classic Vetiver, - I think you do not need a new Vetiver Extreme. But, if something annoys you the classic version or blends with your skin - you can try a new flavor.

Author: Ann, New York