News Biotherm
 «Biotherm Homme» (for men) has released a new set of "Ultra Comfort", consisting of two funds: aftershave balm Moisturizing Balm Soothing After Shave Balm and Lip «Nutri-Restoring Balm Lips and Contour».

After Shave combines freshness and soothing lotion balm comfort effect "cashmere"; it soothes even sensitive skin and provides 24-hour hydration.

Lip balm is also based on the technology of "cashmere". It gives an instant feeling of comfort and protects delicate lip area, and contains filters SPF8.

In other news, the brand «Biotherm» has decided to expand its powers, started to position itself as "dermobioticheskaya" line in late 2007 / early 2008.

Everyone is familiar with the basic components of brand assets - thermal plankton (grown in the microflora, which originally lives in mineral water), well known for its soothing and regenerating properties.

According to «Biotherm», a new study has shown that the thermal plankton also has the ability to stimulate the self-protection of the skin against aggressors such as UV- radiation and pollution, thus better protecting it from premature aging.

It essentially acts as a prebiotic (living microorganism used in foods for additional health benefits) to the skin, increasing the natural defenses of its cells inside.

"It dermobioticheskoe discovery means that« Biotherm »back to its roots," - said General Director of the International «Biotherm» Gillaum de Leskven (Guillaume de Lesquen) Moodie Report. "All of our products are based on the components of this incredible thermal plankton, through which we have come in biological research - and now know how to expand their space ... I am confident that in the coming years we will do many more useful new discoveries."

The company has already taken steps to publicize this new discovery. "It will be held huge PR program" - confirms Leskven (Lesquen). "We have also developed a special dermobiotichesky stamp, which will be marked all products Biotherm".

"We have created a special advertising campaign, designed to explain and demonstrate new and useful properties of thermal plankton. This also opens a huge selling point, conducting tests, demonstrating the effectiveness dermobioticheskih svoysv."