The new men's fragrance by Thierry Mugler
 Thierry Mugler has released a limited edition men's perfume series AngelMEN, called Pure Coffee.

The novelty will be available in mid-April 2008. The original version of AngelMEN or A * Men was released in 1996, and behind her was B * Men in 2004.

The starting point is the coffee flavor notes, which have already been presented in the A * Men, but received a new meaning, thanks to the "new technology CO2, allowing to obtain natural extracts of Colombian coffee beans ..."

The whole composition was restructured around this new reference point by perfumer Jacques Huclier, who has worked for Thierry Mugler (B * Men with Christine Nagel). Perfume contains notes of creamy musk, patchouli, cedar and vetiver. Top notes were selected to emphasize the power of all the coffee flavor. Pure Coffee - eastern and less severe than the original version of A * Men.

A package was made to resemble a bag of coffee beans. Men's version of the Angel were first red, then blue, and now decided to stay on the golden hue. New technological improvements allow customers to smell the fragrance, not using the blotter as micro-capsules of spirits attached to the rubber sheet on the outer packaging.