The most fashionable trend today - to create a relaxing environment.
 For the secrets of professional beauticians relaksaktsii reached Vietnam.

The local agents are able to relax not only the body but the heart!

1 Lotus. Its sedative and anesthetic qualities have been known since time immemorial. Beauty and Spas now offer a bath with lotus flowers.

Bath with fresh lotus flowers - price in Europe - 28 euros.

2 In the mountains of Vietnam is growing rare plant The Oolong. Well dried, the leaves spread indescribably beautiful tart smell of nuts and herbs.

Candles, scented The Oolong - price in Europe -68 euros.

3 soft and fragrant oil massage ginger - not only softens the steel muscles, but also the strongest heart.

Massage ginger oil - the price in Europe -25 euros.