In place of BB-creams come CC-creams
 Almost all the leading cosmetic brands were marked with their innovations in the field of BB-creams (for the period from 2011 to 2012). But to stop there is not necessary. The next step - another innovation CC-creams.

CC-creams, is an abbreviation of «Color Control» (color control) and «Corrections Complete» (complete correction). Creams with control - is essentially the same BB-creams, feature-rich products that have all the properties of "beauty balms". However, the Asian origin of BB-creams, as the practice of sales in Europe and America, confuses consumers.

Estheticians and agile marketers rush to offer cream with European roots. Again, it is the same BB-cream for the "full correction" add a good nutritional base, product and more adapted to the color of the skin, has a universal shade.

One of the first proposed his CC-cream Chanel. This product is already sold in Asia, will soon get to America and Europe.

 In place of BB-creams come CC-creams

The journalists suggested that the time evolution in creams is in alphabetical order, not far off the appearance and DD-creams, and EE-creams.

Author: Julia Gnedina