Innovative bronzer
 Interesting and innovative product will be in March 2011, in the collection of cosmetics Stila - One Step Bronze. Serum triple action: illuminates the skin, giving tan, works as a primer. And even cares for the skin and smoothes wrinkles. Packaging, and the structure and does fascinate!

I remember something like that offered Olay (not in Russia), a foundation Definity Colour Enhancer Anti-Ageing Moisturiser a helical content. Inside, it was just three shades, but the outside of the vial tool appears as a uniform color. Such intertwining in spiral demanded formula agents, some anti-aging components might not be in a mixed form.

 Innovative bronzer

Tepre cosmetics brand Stila is similar in content novelty One Step Bronze. This multifunctional thing "works" like Shimmer, primer, moisturizer and bronzer simultaneously. Without oil, consisting of the formula - three illuminating bronzer:

- Matt copper midtone for bronzing tanning
- Bronze with pink midtone to equalize skin tone and highlight
- Brilliant for the brightness of the skin and reflect the sun's rays

 Innovative bronzer

Caring properties formulas are based on the technology of Youth Revival Bio-Available Mineral Complex from Stila, the following results are promising:

- Improves skin texture
- Hide redness
- Smooth out the wrinkles
- Minimizes pores
- It moisturizes the skin and maintained the water balance
- Controlled by the sebum.

In other words, some kind of miracle product! Immediately we can envy those who have the opportunity to order cosmetics Stila, buy it. I'd like to try!

Author: Julia Gnedina