Bath & Body Works is fragrance French Lavender & Honey
 New from Bath & Body Works - a collection of French Lavender & Honey, of course, inspired by Provence. This region in the south-east of France will always be associated with the endless lavender fields, Grape Valley, the azure coast and soft hills, studded with tiny picturesque villages. On the product vial French Lavender & Honey captured exactly these landscapes.

The composition of the perfume is a bunch of water is perhaps the most feminine and romantic ingredients: when meeting with French Lavender & Honey   first felt delicious notes of ripe melon, blackberry and mandarin. Then, in a dominant position beyond the very soothing French lavender, which gave the name of the collection, accompanied by jasmine and lily of the valley. At the end of the flowers and fruit tart squeezed honey and white musk, they give skin a warm and comfortable train.

 Bath & Body Works is fragrance French Lavender & Honey

The bottle of the new fragrance Bath & Body Works   - A tribute to elegance and restraint. Daylight color from pale lilac to peach recalls the warm nights and Provencal sunsets and lush poppies decorating the neck of the bottle refers to the flower fields.
Notes French Lavender & Honey: tangerines, kavayonskaya melon, blackberry, violet, French lavender, jasmine, water lily, olive nectarine, honey, white musk.

Running - in August 2014.

The main product - toilet water. Volume: 75 ml. Price: 2190 rubles.

Collection of French Lavender & Honey also includes the means to care for the body.

 Bath & Body Works is fragrance French Lavender & Honey

Author: Anna Shustrova