Collection fragrances Bvlgari Le Gemme
 In September 2014 the brand Bvlgari will launch a new collection of luxury fragrances named Le Gemme. The inspiration for the creation of such new products were the unusual semi-precious stones and their history.

The line consists of six fragrances: Lilaia (Peridot), Ashlemah (amethyst), Amarena (tourmaline), Noorah (turquoise), Maravilla (citrine), and Calaluna (Moonstone).

All six fragrances created by perfumer Daniela Andrieu (Daniela Andrier).

Bottles Bvlgari Le Gemmes   reminiscent of Roman vases.

The estimated price of the perfume - $ 499.

The volume of 100 ml, the concentration of Eau de Parfum.

 Collection fragrances Bvlgari Le Gemme


Author: Anna Shustrova