New from L'Etoile selection: Decollete face powder
 L'Etoile sélection offers a completely new perspective on the powder - traditional makeup is the secret of your charm and sexuality.

Innovative mineral powder Decollete perfection de la peau nue with the effect of bare skin - your invisible weapon of seduction.

Ultra-light powder for a perfect make-up in one touch.
The result: a perfect even tone, bright color, natural glow throughout the day.

Included in the micronized powder particles of natural pearls optically corrected and evens skin tone, making the complexion brighter, while the lactic acid makes the skin soft and velvety.

 New from L Etoile selection: Decollete face powder


• ultra-thin coating to bare skin effect;
• optical correction of color and texture of the skin;
• easy application and distribution of powder;
• flawless makeup throughout the day.

8 shades

Cost: 699 rubles

Author: Anna Shustrova