Stylist Larisa Gimalieva about the peculiarities of the summer styling
 Beautiful hair - is not only a gift of nature, but also constant care, as well as the correct use of styling. The excess styling products is particularly bad in the summer, in the heat, when the hair is heated by the sun. How to style your hair in the summer and at the same time to preserve the natural, tell the master of the international class, stylist Larisa Gimalieva.

Features summer stacking

The first and most important thing is to know - in any case it is impossible to overload the hair, otherwise inevitably create the effect of "dirty hair" that no one will decorate. You can use almost all styling tools, only a small number: the more natural styling looks, the more urgent the hair, especially in summer. When applied to a large amount of money quickly disappears volume to heat hair loses its shape. However, it is not recommended to leave your hair at all "without protection". At this time, the filter means is desirable protection from UV, since they prevent the hair from drying aggressive sunlight.

Keeping the volume

Making the volume - one of the most difficult tasks in the hot season. Do not try to create heavy volume on long hair - it's almost impossible, which is why it is better to pin up, braid or clip. Long thin hair is also quite picky, but not enough. Try to add volume at the roots - fine hair longer keep their shape. There are different methods of creating volume with ploek and forceps. The most affordable and easiest option: at a distance of 10 centimeters, apply varnish at the root, lifting strands and dry in this position with or without a hairdryer. There is another popular option: Put a lock on the round tongs, place them so that the warming occurred at the root, and allow to dry the varnish, no twirling hair. The same method can be applied to medium thin hair, thick short, usually do not require additional screen.

The right approach to the length

It is very important to choose the right tools for styling, and the type of installation, depending on the length of hair. Long hair - is, first of all, an excellent basis for creating different options for hairstyles. Now spit are particularly relevant, and Babette, or small bundles. In this case, it is desirable to apply a light texture: sprays, fluid styling mousses only weak fixing that is not much to overload the hair. "Strong" styling, such as thick gels or waxes can be applied only to complete the installation as an auxiliary means of modeling.

Styling balms - a good option for long curly hair. For example, a balm to smooth hair with SATINIQUE can use a hairdryer and brush, so straighten your hair, but you can just apply with your fingers and leave to dry - at Balm is a property structure curly locks and smoothes unruly hair. After applying the balm, you can come up with a variety of options hairstyles.

 Stylist Larisa Gimalieva about the peculiarities of the summer styling

The golden mean

The average length of hair - the most convenient in terms of the durability of hairstyles, so in this case will be relevant waves and "careless" curls on her hair loose. To achieve the effect of a light wave is very simple - it uses "bundles". On damp hair apply a light vehicle, such as mousse or styling cream, twisted strands with a diameter of 2-3 centimeters, and in this form are dried. Next locks versed fingers - this hairstyle is easy and quick to make at home. Cream styling can also be applied to the completion of the installation for the separation of individual strands.

Creative chaos

With respect to short hair styling, there is fewer options. Short hair needs styling texture, and styling tools are suitable in jars: waxes, creams and gels - depending on what effect you want to achieve. The main thing - it is the skillful use of styling. If done correctly originally haircut and styling products that usually require a small amount.

Author: Anna Shustrova