Ideal foot in summer: how to achieve?
 The long-awaited summer is approaching and it's time to prepare for a meeting with him! Particularly noteworthy are the legs, because soon they expect long walks and dancing till dawn in a short dress and open sandals. Taking care of feet in anticipation of the hot season and provide them with the right skin care advice to help our expert commentary dermatologist Olga Zabnenkova.

Place in the Sun, when the feet are to the sun lounger

Feet gets almost the biggest dose of ultraviolet light on the nature and the city, and they are usually less protected than the face or shoulders. On the "safety" says dermatologist Olga Zabnenkova: "Insidious just not summer and the spring sun, until the skin is not ready to tan, does not have the protective stratum corneum and pigment .  This spring should be very cautious and strict dosing time spent in direct sunlight from 11 to 16 hours when they are most intense .  In the summer, went to tan evenly, it is advisable to make a peeling - and in advance, at least 3-4 days before going to the beach .  For the legs, you can choose a sunscreen with an average SPF (15-20), which also will provide the necessary dose of ultraviolet radiation and reduce the risk fotoozhogov .  Do not neglect the special means after sunburn - they are fundamentally different from other creams presence of the active anti-inflammatory, healing, soothing and moisturizing ingredients .  This is particularly important in the skin dry type .  If the skin on the feet flakes - so she is trying to protect itself from ultraviolet radiation, thickening of the horny layer of dead cells .  That is the visible peeling warns us that it is time to hide your skin from the sun and give it greater protection and care " . 

Everything is going smoothly: keeping pace with progress for the best depilation

Hair, of course, are one of the main decorations of women .  But not the hair on the legs! And since the summer thanks to light revealing clothes they are constantly in the spotlight, the selection of tools for depilation comes to the fore .  It is important to take into account the features of the hot season - especially after using depilatory cream for some time is not recommended to show up at the sun and the wax, home epilator or salon treatments such as electrolysis can cause irritation, because of which about short skirts and shorts have to forget for a few days .  A simple, convenient and economical way to remove unwanted hair on large areas of skin is to recognize the shave, the more that women's razors are continuously improved .  Look for the new Venus Embrace, which closely follows every curve of the body, almost without missing a single hair .  Replacement cartridge equipped with five blades for shaving and ultrapure protective moisturizing strip for a smooth glide across the skin .  Bonus - a special wall mount razor in the shower and two delicate feminine shades to choose from: green and purple .

 Ideal foot in summer: how to achieve?

The publication: with light feet in open shoes

Summer legs finally "come out of the shadows": you can wear sandals and elegant fashion show pedicures. But for this you first need to put in order the skin of the feet, coarsened after winter. Word dermatologist Olga Zabnenkova: "It is very effective for feet Cosmetics containing urea, which reduces the stratum corneum of the skin and moisturizes. The result achieved just a week of application. As popular as pumice - it should be handled carefully. You can not actively scrape or cut the more the stratum corneum. From this it is only growing stronger and thicker. If you regularly appear calluses and corns - most likely, it's in the wrong posture and gait. With this problem it is necessary to go to the orthopedist. "   Great importance is the choice of shoes. You should not abuse the narrow high-heeled sandals, because in the heat leg already often swell. In summer, the beautician must lie patches strip. And at any convenient opportunity remove shoes and walk barefoot on grass or sand.

By sedentary stone: to flee from his legs cellulite

About cellulite we usually remember already buying a bathing suit - and eventually gain more and pareo, as well as an arsenal of anti-cellulite. But the significance of "bumps" on the hips as a purely aesthetic problem and the effectiveness of cosmetic methods of combating it is quite exaggerated. The fact that the bumps on the skin indicate primarily a lack of regular movement, on the contrary, unfairly overlook. Explains dermatologist Olga Zabnenkova: "Cellulite - a consequence of a sedentary lifestyle. In the sitting position, we press down lymphatic drainage, fluid retention and begins circulation, broken metabolism, decomposition products are not derived from the fat cells, causing them to die, creating an "orange peel". Therefore, the best prevention of cellulite - physical activity is combined with proper nutrition. Manual or LPG-massage, rubbing the brush application of anti-cellulite - not superfluous, but only supportive measures. "

If the "stars" are lit: Legs in hand - and a doctor

Many believe a visual disadvantage of varices, which is very annoying in the summer, when the feet are visible, but should treat it more seriously. Commented Olga dermatologist Zabnenkova: "Varicose veins - a disease that requires treatment. When the "stars" on their feet should consult with a physician-phlebologist. He will study makes Doppler, a laser vein patency check, select therapy. Part sclerosing veins, sometimes they are removed. Varicose veins are often inherited. If he has a mother or grandmother, during pregnancy should wear special Waist stockings for prevention. "

And finally - the most simple and effective advice from our experts: "To sleep, to walk, to love and to smile - that's the secret of healthy and beautiful skin."   And it is difficult not to agree. Especially in the summer. And the truth is in the legs! Especially if cared for properly :)

Olga Zabnenkova - expert Venus, dermatologist, MD, Ph.D., professor of the Russian Peoples' Friendship University, vice president of the Society of Aesthetic Medicine (UIME).

Author: Anna Shustrova