And once again about yoga
 "Success in yoga will reach everyone, no matter he is young or old, sick, weak or even decrepit. If only it was a persistent practice."
Hatha Yoga Pradipika

Now in the modern world is hardly a person who has not heard about yoga - one of the most effective systems of cultivation rights, which has won the world and became insanely popular not only among the stars of stage and film and photo models, but also politicians, scientists and ordinary citizens . Yoga - an ancient art integrated development of body, mind and spirit, which originated in the mysterious India. According to estimates of the German scholar Max Muller, age yoga - about 6,000 years, but if you turn to other sources, this system of cultivation is much older. Who was the founder of the doctrine - is unknown. Traditionally, the "father of yoga," it is considered by Patanjali (200 BC) who first wrote down what was transmitted only orally from teacher student.

Yoga for Yoga . Sami yoga consider the human body as the temple of the living spirit, and therefore believe that it should be absolutely perfect.

The popularity of yoga may be due to the fact that its activities no matter what shape your body is also not important, and your age, do not need any expensive fitness equipment and accessories. At the same time strengthening, cleansing and energizing yoga classes can give you back the joy of life, improve your health and bring you to a full knowledge of themselves.

Stars of yoga.   "Yoga - is the antidote to a crazy life." Sting, the singer.

 And once again about yoga

Steps of Yoga

Yoga, according to Patanjali sutras, consists of 8 levels, which are a kind of guidance on how to achieve harmony in their lives.

- Pit   - The first step and a code of conduct and relationships, it is a universal law, which can be summarized as follows pravilu- "Do not do to others what you yourself do not desire."

- Niyama   - The second stage of yoga, which relates to the field of spirituality and self-discipline (visit temples, meditation, etc.).

- Asana   - This is the third stage of yoga, is a special position. Regular practice of asanas will make us more disciplined and will form the ability to concentrate.

- Pranayama   - The fourth stage of yoga, which is in the control of breathing. Pranayama involves techniques that are taught to control breathing in the search for the connection between breath, mind and emotions.

- Pratyahara   - The fifth stage of yoga, is the diversion of the senses from external objects. At this stage you need to make an effort to direct your mind inward and not be distracted by external stimuli.

- Dharana   - The sixth stage, which teaches concentration. Practice allows you to slow down the concentration of the thought process by concentrating on some mental object (the energy center in the body, the image of the deity, sound). Prolonged periods of concentration, sooner or later will lead to meditation.

- Dhyana   - The seventh stage, which implies a meditation or contemplation. However, between concentration and meditation there is a subtle difference: the first involves unidirectional attention, the second - a state of consciousness in which the focus is not as such.

- Samadhi   - The last eight stage, which involves a state of bliss. Here, the meditator merges with the object and beyond the borders of their own "I". He becomes aware of the deep connection with the divine, the relationship with all living beings.

Stars of yoga.   "Without yoga, I would have already gone the distance." Gwyneth Paltrow, Actress.

Contraindications for yoga:

- mental disorders
- Epilepsy
- oncological diseases
- The general severity of the condition, when all conditions are contraindicated
- Increased intraocular and intracranial pressure
- Organic heart disease
- Neuroinfection
- Exacerbation of chronic diseases
- Infection of the musculoskeletal system
- Recent surgery or trauma
- Uncompensated severe spinal injury

Stars of yoga.   "This is an excellent tool to stay balanced, keep calm and patience in every situation." Ricky Martin, the singer.

Author: Inna Sedykh