Belly dance. The Basics
 Dance - the opportunity to reveal themselves. On the planet there is a huge number of various kinds of it. However, a special place among them are those who help discover a sensual nature and seduce a man. When you think about it, come to mind is usually a strip and belly dancing. This is the last and offer to talk.

A little history

Belly dance - one of the oldest forms of dance, which has been extended to the territory of India to the Middle East. Enthusiasts still argue, who was his ancestor. Despite the fact that each country has its own features in the performance.

The biggest misconception is that belly dancing was used to entertain men. Just the beginning, and they are not allowed for such presentation. Quite often, it can be seen at the bachelorette party, especially before marriage.

Belly dance - an imitation of natural movements. For the most part it focuses on specific muscle groups that work separately from the rest of the body. It uses and muscles of the neck, and hands, and abdomen, and back, and legs, and thighs.

 Belly dance. The Basics
 As for the costumes, they are usually bright, emphasizing the female form. Traditionally, they can see the different coins and beads that emit a sound while driving, making dance more expressive. Who costume consists of a stamp and a long loose skirt, usually made of several parts. But in ancient times, a woman was wearing a lot of clothes, and only times emphasized her hips. As for shoes, the only dance this dance barefoot. You can emphasize the ankle bracelet.

Initially, the dancers used in his presentation sword, candle holder, which is placed on the head and a shawl that only begin to dance. The modern form of belly dancing involves the use of canes and shawls throughout the dance.

Performed by professionals, belly dancing is a very bright and beautiful view, which does not leave indifferent.

 Belly dance. The Basics

The benefits of belly dancing

Belly dancing has a very beneficial effect on the female body:
  1. Corrects posture.   Our spine is composed of many parts, surrounded by the muscular system. Movement of the hips, circular motion, etc. help to make the spine more healthy, and the use of various items for the dance, which are placed on the head, just do not let you slouch. In addition, you yourself want to keep the haughty posture.

  2. It improves muscle tone.   During the dance is activated a large number of various muscles. Here work and arms, and back, and the press, and hips. Due to this produced good support for our backs. And also tightened muscles, and you look stunning.

  3. Lose weight.   It is believed that the hour of lessons belly dance burns about 300 calories. This figure may vary depending on the intensity of your training. However, without dieting and cardio to lose weight you do not get much.

  4. Good effect on the reproductive organs of women.   Yes Yes. Movement thighs and stomach to help train the muscles involved in childbirth. The better prepared they are, the easier it is to give birth.

  5. It helps to cope with stress.   As with any type of exercise, belly dancing makes our bodies produce the hormone of joy. Therefore, in an age when the stress lies in wait for us at almost every step, such classes have become an outlet for many women.

  6. You can do anywhere.   For training does not need any special tools. Rehearsed movements can be anywhere.

  7. Suitable for women of any body type and fitness level.   You can practice belly dance regardless of whether you have experience in training or not. It is a variant of physical activity of low intensity, so is suitable for most women. I do not believe it is considered that even pregnant women can dance belly dance.

  8. Belly dance helps to improve their self-esteem and discover a sexuality.   This is a very feminine dance. It creates a very pleasant attitude and gives a feeling of sensuality and femininity. It allows you to understand what traffic can make your body. By the way, some movements hips can be used during sex. Your partner will be pleasantly surprised.

  9. Belly dance helps with PMS.   Movement hips increase blood flow to the lower abdomen, thus removing the tension there. And since the hormone is produced by the joy, the frustration and anxiety gradually disappear.

  10. Makes stronger bones   and is a good prevention of osteoporosis.

  11. It gives the opportunity to stand out on the dance floor.   Now the movement borrowed from this type of dance can be found in a variety of videos. Therefore, after a certain amount of training, you can boast of its plasticity and sexuality.

If you are looking for something that can lift your mood, help improve physical fitness and improve your self-esteem, then look at the belly dance. Maybe this is exactly what you need?
Author: Vera Karabutova