Born heavenly fire root of life - Ginseng
 Ginseng - a secret agent of Oriental medicine, returning health, youth and beauty.

Ginseng ("Ren" in Chinese - "man", "Shen" - "the body") - an amazing relic plant, which has managed to survive the drastic climate change and survive to the present day. In medicine, these south-eastern countries like China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, ginseng root is considered a universal remedy. Ancient Chinese medicine considers its "root of life", giving health to all patients. Ginseng root is credited with the ability to prolong life and youth.

Many ancient legends weaved around a mysterious "man-root". According to one legend ginseng originates from lightning. If lightning strikes in the clear mountain spring water, the source goes underground, and in its place grows "root of life" - ginseng, which is fraught with the power of the heavenly fire. It was believed that this is the root of life, returns youth elderly, health to the sick, tired vigor, courage weak; protects from the terrible plague, smallpox, cholera.

Another legend says that there lived a good knight by the name of Shen Zhen, who had to fight with the lover of his sister. His sister La Louis bitterly mourned the dead in this battle brother, and where her tears fell, grew an unprecedented plant - ginseng, has a mysterious life force.

There is a legend that the night during their flowering, ginseng glows unusually bright white fire. If this night to dig out the root of glowing, it will not only cure a person from any illness, but also to raise the dead. However, to obtain a ginseng is extremely difficult because it is guarded by a dragon and a tiger. Only a very brave people may decide to take ginseng glowing.

Another legend tells how in Ginseng has become the most beautiful girl named Mei, which imprisoned the emperor in his castle.

If Asian ginseng has been known for a long time and was one of the pivot means of Oriental medicine, in Europe about it only became known in the XVII century. From that moment he began his solemn procession for Europe, which continues to this day.

Chemical composition

According to the latest data, the ginseng root contains a number of active substances. In particular, it includes glycosides panaksaponin, panakvilon, panaksozidy A and B ginzenin, panaxic acid (a mixture of palmitic, stearic, oleic and linoleic acids), small amounts of alkaloids, unexplored composition, volatile essential oil, called panatsenom, vitamins B1 and B2, ascorbic acid, phosphoric acid, iron, and manganese. Additionally, the root contains tarry substance, starch, fatty oil, phytosterol nektinovye agent, cane sugar.

Indications for use of ginseng

Chinese doctors believe that ginseng increases the immunobiological properties of the organism, and long-term use anti-inflammatory effect. It is used in combination with other agents in a total breakdown, hysteria, inflammatory processes, and many other diseases. In Korea, for therapeutic purposes is also used the leaves of ginseng for faster healing of wounds and ulcers.

In addition, the Chinese doctors even many centuries ago known that ginseng improves memory. According to experts, it also reduces the body's need for oxygen under reduced atmospheric pressure, regulates the activity of the central nervous system, etc.

It was found that preparations of ginseng favorably affect blood picture; increase gas exchange, stimulate tissue respiration (especially the brain); increase the amplitude and reduce heart rate; accelerate the healing of wounds and ulcers. Ginseng extract, ingested, increases the secretion of bile, bilirubin concentration in it and bile acids; It increases the sensitivity of the human eye in dark adaptation.

In scientific medicine - Ginseng is used as a tonic for:

- Asthenia, neurasthenia (including after infectious debilitating diseases, with the weakening of sexual function).

- Mental and physical strain.

- In the elderly.

- Convalescence (especially after a long and serious illness).

- Excessive fatigue.

- Hypotension.

- To improve the health and the body's resistance.

Important! Supplementation with ginseng will not allow without consulting your doctor.

Supplementation of ginseng root is accompanied by an increase in the physical, mental performance, decreasing body weight, feeling better, sleep, appetite and mood.

Old recipes

Alcohol tincture of ginseng.   As a preventive measure, to improve efficiency, enhance the synthesis of protein and carbohydrate; as well as to inhibit the synthesis of fat and increasing the oxidation of fatty acids during physical exercise is recommended to take 10-50 drops of alcohol tincture 1 time per day in the morning.

Tea with Ginseng.   Boil 0, 5 liters of water, preferably. Drop 1-3 grams of a dried root and green tea leaves. Reduce the flame and cook without boiling about 20-30 minutes. You can add honey to taste.

Tonic Elixir - ginseng and grape juice.   Take fresh ginseng root, chop it and mix 1 tablespoon of slurry with 2 tablespoons of grape juice. Take both internally and externally. The doses prescribed by the doctor.

Medical research has confirmed that this combination successfully helps in the fight against common diseases: alopecia, stress, indigestion, heart disease, ulcers, mental activity, cancer, immune system, acne and skin infections, muscle pain, aging, fatigue and exhaustion, hearing loss, etc ..

Important!   Upon receipt of ginseng should be remembered that these doses are average and depending on the individual characteristics of the patient and the nature of the disease may be increased or decreased.


Hypersensitivity, hypertension, irritability, insomnia, bleeding, sleep disorders, feverish syndrome on the background of acute infectious diseases; children's age (12 years), pregnancy, lactation, liver disease (for alcoholic liquors).

Chinese doctors do not recommend to assign ginseng during summer  Born heavenly fire root of life - Ginseng
 Heat and children up to 16 years.

Medical cosmetics on the basis of ginseng root

Ginseng Mask from PULANNA.   The mask has a cleansing, toning, anti-inflammatory and lifting effect, tightens the pores in the T-zone, evens the complexion. As a result of smooth fine lines, the skin becomes fresh and well-groomed appearance.

 Born heavenly fire root of life - Ginseng
 Ginseng serum from PULANNA. The product contains a higher concentration of active ingredients that improve skin elasticity, tightens facial features. Serum has a clear bio-stimulating effect, affects the state of the vascular wall.

 Born heavenly fire root of life - Ginseng
 Ginseng winter cream PULANNA.   It forms a protective film on the face which protects the skin from harmful environmental effects prevents flaking and irritation. The combination of extracts of ginseng, peony and Angelica increases blood circulation, stimulates metabolism, improves skin nutrition.

 Born heavenly fire root of life - Ginseng
 Ginseng Cream of age spots by MEILUNNA.   Specially designed formula of the cream helps to effectively deal with unwanted pigmentation. Penetrating deep into the epidermis, the active ingredients contribute to the regeneration of new cells, prevents and eliminates dark spots. It protects and regenerates the skin after the adverse environmental impact. Applying the cream makes the skin tone even.

 Born heavenly fire root of life - Ginseng
 Mask for deep cleansing of MEILUNNA. Specially designed mask film promotes deep cleansing of pores from dirt, removes dead skin cells and improves blood circulation. It slows down the aging process.

 Born heavenly fire root of life - Ginseng
 Ginseng Body Peeling from MEILUNNA.   Peeling effectively, without damaging or stretching the skin, removes dirt, dead skin cells, deeply cleanse pores. Enhances the vitality of cells, slows the aging process. Improves skin breath.

Shower gel with ginseng root from Dabao.   It consists of a large number of amino acids, vitamins and minerals that contribute to the improvement of blood circulation, stimulate the metabolic processes in the skin, activating  Born heavenly fire root of life - Ginseng
 physiological regeneration of epidermal cells, protecting against harmful environmental influences, regulation of activity of the sebaceous glands in the skin. Gel perfectly cleanses the skin and has an antibacterial effect. Regular use of the gel is good for health, reduces fatigue of the body, making the skin soft, tender and retains its elasticity.

 Born heavenly fire root of life - Ginseng
 Ginseng shampoo from Dabao.   The main biologically active component of the shampoo is a natural ginseng root, containing a large amount of amino acids, vitamins and minerals that enhance blood circulation, stimulates metabolism in the skin, increase the elasticity of the hair, which helps protect against harmful environmental factors, strengthens the hair, prevents dandruff . Regular use of the shampoo gives hair a healthy look, shine and silkiness.
Author: Inna Sedykh