Magic colors - chromotherapy
 Color influences our thoughts, behavior, social, health, and relationships with people.

Color therapy or chromotherapy - a non-pharmacological method of treatment based on the fact that each of the active areas of the body reacts to one of the colors. According to experts, the mechanism of many diseases is caused by an imbalance in the body, including, and color harmony, color mixing, lack of a specific color necessary for life organs and mental harmony. If you return the missing color, or cleanse it of impurities, can restore the balance in the body. Exposure to a particular color of the energy blockade, which is the cause of functional disorders.

The brilliant physician of antiquity Avicenna prescribed to their patients the impact of certain colors, depending on the nature of the disease and the patient's mental state. We used the bath with colored water, window curtain colored curtains, was considered as an effective wearing a certain color.
In ancient India, the treatment of color was practiced since time immemorial. Using sunlight and colored glass or painted in different colors fabrics.

In Europe, the scientific study of the therapeutic effect of color action began in the middle of the XIX century. At the beginning of the XX century, many Russian and German physicians have been actively practicing the treatment of color from various diseases. So it was revived by the oldest means of healing techniques healers East.

Indications for color therapy :

• with stress, neurosis - to relieve tension and prevent the development of neurotic and psychosomatic disorders;

• When psycho-emotional disorders: decreased performance and mood, sleep disturbances, irritability, tearfulness;

• insomnia, winter depression, emotional stress, and diseases caused by them, including psychosomatic disorders;

• correction of mental and emotional state of the women with climacteric syndrome (recommended preventive and curative courses for women older than 40 years);

• headaches, high and low blood pressure (vascular dystonia, hypertension), increased meteosensitivity;

• tiredness;

• for the prevention of the negative effects of long-term work with the monitor.

Action colors

Color therapy is based on the individual properties of each color.
Red is the most actively affects human wakes his physical strength, energy, vitality. It is the color of passion and will. The red color is used for short-term revitalization. Prolonged exposure to the contrary, leads to fatigue and reduced efficiency. All shades of bright red are recommended for menstrual pain, reduced blood pressure, pain in the joints, colds, sexual disorders.
Pink symbolizes the unconditional and boundless love. It has all the positive properties of the red, but with weak defects. It promotes a sense of attachment, enhances sensuality.

  Orange color   - The color of health. Stimulates sociability and good nature, creates a buoyant, cheerful mood, perception gives joy of life. This color enhances the performance is less than the red, but for a longer period. The upcoming fatigue after less than after the red. Color is used when it is necessary for a short period of time to perform a large amount of hard work and significant moments of emotional and mental stress. It promotes learning and memorization of material, creative work with the material. All the orange range - perfect medicine against depression.

Yellow   - For action similar to the orange, firming, toning, revitalizing, opening rights for the external positive influences, helping to prolong a good mood. It is the color of hope and optimism. Like red and orange, increases efficiency, but to a lesser extent but to an even greater time. A beneficial effect on creativity. Especially noted for its healing effect on the digestive organs and the liver. Yellow enhances appetite.

Green color   - Neutral, soft, soothing. No wonder the man is relaxing in the woods, among the green trees, walking on the carpet a silky grass. The green color therapy has beneficial effects on eyesight, relieves mental and physical stress, stabilizes pressure, cures headache and migraine, regenerates cells, helps with cardiovascular ailments, gives a sense of peace and tranquility, helps digest food. This color is preferred by those who are in search of his "I" or looking for a new direction.

The blue color   - Passive color. The color of the sky - contributes to the weakening and slowing of life processes, a decrease in performance and emotional stress, the appearance of calm, helps to know yourself and feel comfortable in solitude, facilitates inspiration. It calms the nervous system, beneficial for fatigue and insomnia, diseases of the throat and respiratory system.

Blue colour   - Passive, cold and calm. Under the influence of blue activity of life processes and efficiency are reduced, calm emotions, there is a tendency to contemplation and meditation, until grief. It creates a favorable environment for calm, but not intense mental work and reduces the feeling of fatigue from her. It has a positive effect on the respiratory system, eyes, ears, nose and throat, regulates the activity of the thyroid gland, rapid healing of wounds and easing pain. It reduces appetite.

Purple   - The most passive. It reduces life processes, reduces efficiency, calms, its excessive exposure leads to excessive sleepiness, and fatigue. Pauses the growth of tumors, relieves the pain of arthritis, it is a pleasant dream. It symbolizes the significant change and the need for privacy.

White color   - Symbolizes purity of intentions, perfection, purity, cleansing and power. It strengthens and cleanses the entire body.

Black color   - Calms emotionally overwrought people, "extinguishes" conflicts. Its surplus, however, can cause depression. It is often worn to suppress or protect emotions. The most favorable black color in combination with white. This range only balances the rights, helps him to keep control of their behavior, to properly evaluate the situation.

Brown color   - Is the color of common sense. Quiet, low-key color. Evokes a feeling of warmth, helps create a calm, gentle moods, life stability.

Interesting!   Color therapy is also used in cosmetics. Color has a beneficial effect on the condition and appearance of the skin, has excellent cleansing and immunostimulating properties, thereby improving the overall human condition and its appearance.

Meditation using color

Wear loose clothing. Try to avoid being disturbed. Sit or lie down, as you wish. Close your eyes and relax. Imagine around you is spinning a lot of colored balls. Imagine how you included in the flickering glow of colored light. You can choose the color, depending on your condition. If you do not treat anything in particular, it appears white.

Referring to the head, the chosen color will turn into colored rain. This color will spread along the spine to the feet. Every cell in the body get energy supply.

Coming out of a meditative state, regulates the flow of energy flowing into you. Take a few deep breaths, and finally, to breathe through 4, hold your breath for by 16, then relax and exhale at the expense of 8. Repeat this exercise again. The last two will provide the inhalation flow of oxygen to the brain. Then, rub the palm of one another, until you feel a tingling sensation.

If possible, try to meditate every day.

Color Shower

Make or buy a lamp with colored filters (thin plastic film used for theatrical lighting and available for sale in art galleries) or pieces of colored stained glass. Through them you will be able to pass the rays of light from the lamp is directed for the treatment of certain parts of the body color. This method is called color shower. However, it should be used with caution, given the potential negative impact of each of the colors.
Author: Inna Sedykh