Miele Vita - honey wrap
 Honey wrap - a very effective form of wraps. The purpose of this procedure for a deeper penetration of bioactive substances honey into the subcutaneous tissue. The variety of effects of honey wraps due to the unique properties of honey.

Honey carefully:

-   It purifies and detoxifies the skin;

-   moisturizes and nourishes the skin with microelements;

-   improves microcirculation in the skin;

-   It stimulates metabolism in the cells of the dermis and the subcutaneous fat;

-   improves tissue respiration; It has inflammatory action

-   It smoothes the skin surface and promotes the resorption of fibrous connective tissue (scars, stretch marks, cellulite fibrous capsule) by improving the trophism (nutrition) tissue;

-   It smoothes and regenerates the skin, restoring its elasticity and youthfulness.

Recipes compositions wraps

We need to wrap a wide brush, food film and gauze bandages. After applying the composition of the caretaker in the skin of the body or after wrapping the body soaked in a specially prepared solution bandages wrap the body wrap, put on a bathrobe, or simply covering sheets and terry relaksiruem for 40-60 minutes. Next, take a warm shower.

Important!   Before wrapping desirable to exfoliate dead skin cells using a scrub.

1.   5-6 tablespoons of grated cheese mixed with 5-6 tablespoons of honey. Apply to face and after 20 - 25 minutes, rinse with warm water. The composition not only whitens, but also nourishes the skin.

2.   Take 5-6 tablespoons of honey and glycerin, mix them with 3 tablespoons water and 2 tablespoons of oatmeal, which adds it gradually grind to a smooth paste and apply on the skin of the body. Ideal for acne-prone skin of the body.

3.   In a mortar put 5-6 tablespoons honey, 2 teaspoons of pollen, 2 teaspoons of cream and rub everything thoroughly. Apply the mask on clean skin. The composition of the well nourishes the skin and gives it elasticity.

4.   Dilute honey milk in a ratio of 1: 1. Soak gauze bandages in the composition and wrap around the body. The composition is effective in sluggish, aging skin.

5.   Take 3 egg yolks, combine 3 teaspoons of honey, 2 teaspoons of almond oil and 10 drops of lemon juice. All beat until foaming, then add 2 tablespoons of oatmeal with a slide. Composition nourishes and cleanses the skin and regulates its moisture balance.

6.   Prepare a decoction of mustard seed in a ratio of 1:10 and the flowers of white lilies (1:20). Get them for 50 ml, add 300 ml of water, dissolve 3 tablespoons of honey. Soak gauze bandages in the composition and wrap around the body. The composition is excellent softens the skin.

7.   Heat in a water bath 100 grams of honey, gradually add to it with constant stirring 50 ml of vodka. The composition softens the skin and makes it supple.

8.   Liquid honey yogurt diluted in a ratio of 2: 1, then the mixture was put on a body.

Important!   Contraindications to medoterapii is intolerant of biologically active products.

Honey against cellulite

Honey Wrap - a useful and enjoyable program for improvement and weight loss. Stimulation of blood circulation in the deeper layers of the skin and underlying muscles enhances the power of internal organs and tissues. Honey, giving biologically active substances, and removes toxins from the body. Due to the impact of such an active resorption takes place fibroznyx cellulite capsules. To increase the effect of honey can add a couple of drops of essential oils.

The essential oil of rosemary   stimulates local blood circulation and cell renewal, increases blood circulation, restores elasticity, reduces swelling, regulates water balance in the skin, improves skin color. Rosemary smooths skin. Oil softens rough skin, removes dead skin areas, restores softness and elasticity of the epidermis. Helps eliminate age spots, wrinkles and folds, resolves scars.

Caution   Rosemary oil is contraindicated in pregnancy. It should be used with caution in hypertensive patients.

Essential oil of lemon   - An effective tonic for the circulatory system: thins the blood and increases blood flow. Essential oil, otshelushivaya dead cells and gives a healthy look pale and dull skin. Repair damaged capillaries, effectively purifies oily skin and hair. A popular means of removing calluses, growths and warts. Essential oil softens scar tissue.

Caution   Perhaps the irritation of sensitive skin.

Orange essential oil used as an effective skin care. It speeds up the process of removing toxins from the edematous skin, with a beneficial effect on dry skin, wrinkles, well-toned, giving the skin a beautiful complexion. Thanks to all of the above, orange essential oil helps to get rid of cellulite.

Caution   Not recommended for use on the skin in sunny weather, as This oil is phototoxic, i.e. sunlight accumulates and may cause burns.
Author: Inna Sedykh