Trendy tuning the summer: henna tattoo
 Summer on the calendar, and so you want something sort of ... something radically new, concept, stylish. Something that will stand out in the crowd and emphasize their individuality. Familiar feelings? Then your attention is invited pectoral henna.

What is it about

Painting the body with the help of henna - mehndi - the tradition of many Eastern nations. Its history goes back to the millennium. Even in ancient Egypt using henna tattoo was considered a sign of wealth, and it was used even pharaohs. Later pectoral pattern henna applied in honor became an important event in his life, as well as talismans and amulets. Each family had its "firm" recipe of henna, which kept a closely guarded secret and handed down from generation to generation. It is significant that in the same eastern countries adopted henna applied only vegetable ornaments, and the image of animals and humans is forbidden by religion.

Today wearable henna painting still enjoy the crazy popular with Oriental women. It's one of the few ways to decorate permitted by religion itself.

 Trendy tuning the summer: henna tattoo

European ladies today gladly adopt experience of henna tattoos for women of the East. The highest priority is given to the Western Europeans floral ornament, image characters, zodiac signs are also popular "bracelets" henna on her wrists and ankles, as well as "necklace" around his neck.

 Trendy tuning the summer: henna tattoo

Many stars of modern show business is also not averse to bio-tattoo.

 Trendy tuning the summer: henna tattoo

 Trendy tuning the summer: henna tattoo

Why Henna

In using henna tattoos with many advantages:

- Firstly, the procedure of drawing henna is completely painless, unlike real tattoos.

- Secondly, the tattoo henna temporary and, therefore, selected for her drawing, and place of drawing (neck, legs, stomach, arms, back, shoulders) can change the mood hostess and a suitable occasion in her life.

- Third, this kind of underwear tuning highly available and several orders of magnitude cheaper than, say, the present permanent tattoos.

- Fourth, the henna tattoo - a great workout for those who can not decide on a permanent tattoo. After a temporary tattoo will help you understand correspond to your selected pattern and place for it, and most importantly will allow further change something if you will be uncomfortable.

- Fifth, the application of a tattoo using henna able to attract the attention of others men to your person or to make a spicy note to the relationship with a regular partner.

Where do

Temporary tattoo using henna today offer many beauty salons. Also, any available media (Internet portal, newspaper, etc.) you can find the announcement of such a service to leave the house. Sometimes henna tattoo artists make right on the beach or in the city park of rest. And, of course, try to put on a body using henna drawing and you can own at home. But more on that below as a bonus.

How much is

Depending on the complexity and size of the area covered by the value of underwear henna painting ranges from 10-50 USD

What keeps

The longest, up to 3 weeks, henna tattoo holds on hands and feet, and least of all - and a half weeks - on the chest and back.

 Trendy tuning the summer: henna tattoo


It is rare, but the compositions are allergic to henna. It is not necessary to apply henna on the same area of ​​skin more than once in two months.

Bonus!   Recipe for homemade mixture of henna tattoos for

As promised, as a bonus for the most progressive and fearless eksperimentatorsh offer a recipe for self-mixing henna painting. For this we need the following components:
- 500 ml of water
- 2 tbsp. coffee spoon
- 2 tbsp. spoons of black tea
- 30-40 g of pure green henna (no hair dye!)
- 2 tsp lime or lemon
- 1 tsp Basma
- 1 tsp sugar
- 1 drop favorite essential oil

In boiling water to fall asleep coffee and tea. Cook for an hour. Henna is sifted through a fine sieve and gradually, stirring constantly, pour into it a hot coffee and tea brew. Adding lime basmu sugar. As a result, it should get a thick consistency. Cooled for 3 hours. Optionally adds a drop of your favorite essential oil.

Before applying henna desired area of ​​the skin wash, peel off the hair and treat alcohol-tonic.

 Trendy tuning the summer: henna tattoo
   To outline the future tattoo several ways. You can use the decal, soft pencil for makeup, special pencil for tattoo or stencil already carved patterns, which simply need to attach to the body and paint.

By the way, the decal is not necessarily to buy. You can take transparencies, felt-tip pen to put / copy at her favorite picture. Then, quickly, until the dried paint, retype it to the desired area of ​​the skin and henna circle.

 Trendy tuning the summer: henna tattoo
 Apply makeup henna different masters in different ways: a stick, a brush, a toothpick, a syringe-sack. The latter can be done independently of durable polyethylene plastic bag. This bag is filled with admixture of henna, the upper edge is folded and sealed by means of office "crab", and the bottom edge of the needle is done a small hole. The syringe is ready!

If you have never done henna patterns on their own, try beginning with a simple sheet of paper. Then apply a firm hand confident thick lines on the skin.

 Trendy tuning the summer: henna tattoo

Henna dries hour and a half. Then it is possible to scrape off the remains. On the day of tattooing is better not to wet the area with water pattern. In the next few days for the greater safety of tattoo can lubricate it with vegetable oil, and to minimize contact with water and detergents.

In order to quickly get rid of neponravivsheysya henna tattoos or simply remove the remains already tarnished figure can be put on a cotton swab -s 3% hydrogen peroxide and thoroughly clean the area of ​​skin with a pattern.

Men opinion

 Trendy tuning the summer: henna tattoo
 Oleg, 30 years
Henna Tattoo - is a series of labels with gum. But still it depends on what goals are pursued such a tattoo, as well as the place of their application. In my opinion, this painting is more suited to teenagers.

Andrei, 30 years old
Henna tattoo? I believe that it is possible and to indulge. We must try to enjoy yourself - then do this.

Sergei, 32 years old
Henna tattoos - is perfectly acceptable, but what is the mischief - fact.

Nikolai, 40 years old
You can not be a little pregnant. If we tattoo - something real. Henna tattoos - a pseudo. In our latitudes, it looks like a mockery of the deep sense, which carried a similar painting from the East. I do not like.

Vitaly, 32 years old
What do I think about henna tattoos on his girlfriend? It is juicy, exciting. Usual tattooed, even expensive, color, already so become boring, and there is something new. Besides a pleasant and relaxing that you realize that the henna is not forever, and thus can not get bored. Whether it seems to me this kind of tattoo childish indulgence? Well, why not indulge? Especially if the henna is safe for skin favorite. The relationship is exactly pampering refreshing!

I think the harmlessness for their own skin, and for the most part positive man's opinion about "tuning" henna, tip the scales in favor of unrestrained painting on the female body this summer! Hurry up to be the first on the crest of a wave of fashion!
Author: Natalia Hryshko