Without unnecessary hairs: the recipes of our grandmothers
 Summer - time for a nice appearance as beautiful ladies. I often watch on the beach is not that girls have more women feel free to undress. Those who have about forty, born in the Soviet Union at the time did not know any depilatory creams or epilators. Neither the more beauty salons. But nevertheless these were not all the Komsomol. Someone used the machine to shave, and some inherited from grandparents or aunts got wonderful recipes.

Now, let's face it. Shaving machine - the process is fast, but unfortunately the effect of it is not long, plus everything from shaving awaken dormant hair follicles, and then the result is a depressing, if the hair becomes longer.

What happened before that? In Russia epilation mother was not in vogue, but in the East, the process has been an integral part of the ritual bath. Woman in the East, regardless of status and age, should have been smooth as silk, so hair removal carried out very carefully in each visit to the baths.

- Among the many ways the most popular in the East it has been and remains caramel depilation . In Arab countries, women and still get rid of unwanted hair with the help of honey and lemon juice. There are several recipes for cooking with the addition of a solution not only sugar or honey and wax, and biologically active substances, and aromatic oils. The basis of all these mixes is simple. It is necessary to mix a cup of sugar or honey with the juice of 2 lemons and 1 cook a thick caramel. Heat the mixture in a water bath or a very low heat to a temperature of 38 degrees, but do not boil. The finished batch was allowed to cool slightly, and then applied a sweet paste on the skin in the direction of hair growth. Take off with the help of strips of matter against the hair growth. The more powerful the scalp, the shorter strips should be used. The procedure is painful, but the result is stored for 4 to 6 weeks.

- Old recipes recommend to burn a nut shell, dissolve the ash, and this mixture to moisten the place of hair growth. At the same time you can drink one tablespoon 1 time per day tincture of thin partitions nuts. For its preparation it is necessary to remove the walls of 3 kg of walnuts, pour 0, 5 liters of alcohol or vodka, insist 3 weeks, drain and squeeze.

- Severe hair loss is a mixture of nettle seeds and oil.

- Heat 1 tbsp. a spoonful of honey or melt 1 tbsp. spoonful of sugar, add the juice of half a lemon. Mix and apply the mixture as much as possible on hot unnecessary hair-covered areas of the face. Once the mass is dry, wipe it off with your fingertips along with the hair. Sometimes after this procedure the pores are slightly reddened, but it takes a couple of hours. You can wipe the face soothing tonic or rose water.

- In the East, to slow the growth of hair is traditionally used turmeric (another name - Indian saffron or turmeric). It is a yellow spice that is diluted with warm water until the consistency of sour cream. After removing the pre-cleanse the skin and hair from the depilatory, a paste of turmeric is applied to the skin, covered with foil and kept for 20 minutes.

- In the Middle Ages in Europe it was in vogue a high forehead, which gained due to the destruction of the hair on the frontal part of the head and the fontanel. To do this, mixed lime and arsenic. The recipe is good, to be honest, but that hair really disappeared once and for all, but health is not applied reparable damage.

 Without unnecessary hairs: the recipes of our grandmothers
   Today the market of cosmetology offers us all sorts of depilatory creams and sprays, waxes. But those and others have their own significant downsides. Cheap cream will not give you the desired result, even if you're twenty minutes after sitting with him for yourself. However, it all depends on exactly where you apply the cream or spray: legs, underarms or bikini area. Dear cream will give a expected effect, but then, you see, all these tubes and bottles are not bottomless. Of course, you can visit the showroom and make a photoepilation procedure is relatively long and not cheap. But not every one of us can afford salon treatments, and, as you know, we all want to be beautiful. But the wax is probably the most preferred means of today: on the pocket and not an effort, and the effect - that is necessary. Just do not forget that Waxing   - The procedure is not painful and single. Although it is known that the regular use of wax hairs become thinner and less.

And girls, do not forget: before the hair removal procedure is required to disinfect the area of ​​skin where you are going to work. When all procedures epilation top layer of skin susceptible to damage, which in turn contributes of infection, inflammation problems and less desirable.

Good luck to you, my dear. I hope you in this article will take a lot to your note.
Author: Nadezhda Lobanova