The use of silicon for beauty and health
 Always be cheerful, healthy, beautiful and young - the natural desire of every woman. We spend a lot of money to care for themselves, to buy expensive dietary supplements, promising to return the shine of eyes, hair strength, elasticity of the skin. But few of us know what a wonderful tool capable to solve many problems related to our health and beauty is literally under our feet. We are talking about silicon. This stone has unique properties as we need for health and beauty.

Why do we need silicon?

In order to understand how important it is for the life of the body such as silicon material, let's find out what it is useful. Thus, the shortage of silicon in the body may lead to:

• vascular disease, atherosclerosis. People in the body which deplete silicon, significantly more than the others, subjected to heart attacks and strokes.

• brittle nails hair, sagging skin, joint disease. All this is because silicon is an essential and indispensable element in the synthesis of collagen.

• reduce the protective functions of the body. Since silicon has an antibacterial effect and Virus. Perhaps if our bodies have never experienced a lack of silicon, we would avoid many diseases, including influenza, hepatitis, candidiasis.

• deterioration of health, diseases of the digestive system. Since many micronutrients, macronutrients and vitamins are not digested or absorbed by not fully participate in the process without silicon.

• premature aging of the organism.

 The use of silicon for beauty and health

Silicon water

Silicon water is known for many centuries. Our ancestors laid out the walls of the well with silicon. It has been observed that such water is more tasty and clean. However, only in the 70s of the last century it was given a scientific explanation for this phenomenon, as it was then scientists discovered the beneficial properties of silicon. Since then, and began enthusiastically by many silicon water. Especially her recipe is very simple and the results are striking.

In order to prepare a silicon water, must be placed on the bottom of the tank with water several pieces of flint dark color and infuse 2 to 7 days. The minimum amount of silicon per liter of water 4 grams. The time of infusion of water depends on the amount of silicon: the larger it is, the less is required days. Such water can be drunk or to wash it, but does not use water from the bottom (at pin 3), since it contains harmful impurities to precipitate. Also, once every 1-2 months silicon to be cleaned by washing 30 minutes in a solution of salt water, and mineral semiannually be replaced.

Women who want long stay young and beautiful, often resorted to the use of silicon and silicon water makeup. It is enough to drink daily in the morning for 150 ml
silicon water and after some time will improve your appearance:

• Stop lamination nails, accelerating their growth;

• The hair will become thick and shiny, stop hair loss and brittle hair;

• The skin condition will delight: skin rashes disappear, disappear a feeling of dryness and tightness, redness;

• To improve the condition of the teeth;

• Significantly improved overall health, lost lethargy, drowsiness, depressed mood; will be vigor and vitality.

 The use of silicon for beauty and health

It is useful not only to drink silicon water, but wash it and wipe the face. Since this solution is antibacterial and healing effect, thanks to daily washing can get rid of acne and redness. Moreover, as already mentioned, silicon is involved in the synthesis of collagen, and thus is able to restore skin elasticity, radiance and youthfulness. No wonder many well-known cosmetic companies produce cream, the active component of which is silicon. If you want to reproach hair growth, then there will be useful silicon. Rinse the hair after washing with water silicon - and in a few months will see the result!
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya