Flowers - beauticians
 This is a joke? Not at all! Flowers can not only please the eye with their beauty, but to give the beauty of their main connoisseur - to women.


Petals Queen greenhouses contain precious rose oil. Make extract of the petals can just pour layers of sugar, in any glass, a tight-fitting posudinke. The vessel is necessary to hold a few days in the sun, and then add the vodka and place in refrigerator. Drug perfectly treats acne, various inflammations, can be added to home lotions and water for washing.

 Flowers - beauticians
   Rose petals can just pour olive oil and store in a dark place. Oil can be used for any mask, and can simply be cast onto the face. This "mask" eliminates the excessive dryness of the skin, nourishes it and has a smoothing effect.


For cosmetic purposes using plain white lily. Petal lily make two magical healing tools.

For one, petals pour vodka, for another - with olive oil (you can take corn, linseed, sesame or peanut).

Both balm infused in a dark place for two weeks and then stored in the refrigerator. Alcohol tincture - excellent anti-inflammatory agent, it can be used similarly pink liqueur. Petals well apply to wounds, sores, boils in the form of a patch. This is an excellent wound healing, anti-inflammatory and cleansing agent.

The healing properties of the lily oils are used for different burns. Efficiency means very high. And the petals on their properties simply magical. Imposing them as a mask on your face, you will notice in the short term anti-aging, purifying and nourishing the effect of lilies.

Gang bang

The healing properties of chamomile has a simple chemist, wild flower with aroma and hollow inside a flower basket. Used fresh or dried flowers, harvested in summer or purchased in a drugstore.

 Flowers - beauticians
   The flowers are welded, draw for 15-20 minutes, strain off and laid on the bed linen or gauze. Napkin applied to the face as a mask.

The broth can be used for washing or freeze in the freezer in the form of ice. Cubes of chamomile ice - an excellent tool contrast to massage the face, which can be done in the morning or evening when washing. Chamomile decoction is used as a rinsing agent for hair as a means of personal hygiene. Azulene, the active substance in the daisy has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and soothing effect.


Geranium flowers are used similarly chamomile flowers. Broth geranium and mask of fresh crushed flowers and leaves can be used as a calming and relaxing for the skin. The use of cosmetic Ice Geranium in the evening helps to prevent nocturnal swelling, puffiness around the eyes. Two or three fresh leaf, brewed as a tea or added to a mug of tea in any other - an excellent sedative.

Many flowers are used in cosmetics and perfumery as a source of essential aromatic oils. It narcissus, peony, acacia, chrysanthemum, various tropical fragrant plants. The list is very long, so that the flowers, cosmetologists - is not joke. This is - a gift of nature!
Author: Tamara Rozinsky