The magic power of propolis
 Propolis - one of the most important bee products, except that most honey inferior to the popularity and range of application - medicine, cosmetics, perfume industry, food industry. Despite the fact that propolis is known to mankind since ancient times (even the priests of ancient Egypt used it in embalming), many of the properties of this amazing natural substance remains a mystery.

The chemical composition of this material is very complicated (50 chemicals), it depends on the type of plant from which is going to propolis, connected all this wealth in 284 different compounds, including tar acids and alcohols, artipillin, phenols, tannins, cinnamic alcohol, cinnamic acid , wax, essential oils, flavonoids, amino acids, plus 10 essential vitamins, including B1, B2, B6, A, E, niacin, pantothenic acid.

Only bees know ...
How and why ordinary tar collected from the surface of the kidney plant bees, turns into a unique therapeutic agent - until the end of science is not solved.

Like all steps in this process are known - bee on the kidneys plants capture jaws resinous substance, the resin is mixed with a secret maxillary glands. On the hind legs have special bee "pollen baskets" in them and puts bee assembled material, removing it from the claws of the front legs of the jaws. Gather up in baskets of 10 mg of tar, it returns to the hive, and there are already waiting for her bees receptionist who take propolis from baskets. When, at some point, the assembled adhesive becomes propolis, amazing and such a rich composition of bioactive substance, - a full explanation yet.

 The magic power of propolis
 Oh, and then the bees collected material used for its intended purpose, the construction - as an adhesive for sealing cracks in the hive, polishing cells and cell inner walls of the hive. The second problem of bee glue, propolis, or, - to ensure the sterility of the bee colony, to protect against fungi and bacteria, in the hive to create healthy living conditions. And even with the help of bee propolis and canned non-transportable embalmed body intruders penetrating the hive (mice, lizards, insects, etc.).

Here are these basic qualities of propolis - antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and preserving - currently uses for the benefit of mankind grateful.

Go into any pharmacy and you will be offered - propolis tincture, lozenges in diseases of the throat, massage oils, ointments with propolis from various skin diseases.

Propolis in cosmetology
Antiseptic propolis is used not only in medicine and in cosmetics. Creams and masks with Propolis for oily skin prone to acne, acne, boils - operate systematically and on many fronts. After propolis not only a great antiseptic, it has the unique ability to accelerate the renewal of tissues, without formation of rough scars, besides Propolis increases the natural permeability of the skin and makes it easier to get into the deeper layers of skin of other medical components.

Propolis, which is widely used as a preservative in a variety of creams, has a huge advantage over synthetic means of conservation - he's also a bioactive ingredient with regenerating, antioxidant and antiseptic properties. And the smell is very pleasant. And it is for cosmetic products is also not unimportant!

 The magic power of propolis
   As the main component, propolis is a part of many of ointments, creams for the face, hands, feet, gels, shampoos, lotions, etc. Cosmetics with Propolis can be found from different manufacturers and in different price categories. Particularly fond of propolis cosmetic companies that focus on natural cosmetics and cosmetics to wellness and healing properties (kosmotsevtiku). For example, a well-known firm in this direction, Pevonia Botanica produces a concentrate of propolis in the form of a gel structure for light skin care LAVANDOU. Besides propolis it includes essential oils of lavender (hence the name) and vetiver. An excellent solution to many skin problems, plus the return of her flexibility, elasticity, improve blood circulation, healthy glow.

The use of propolis because of its antiseptic, anesthetic, regenerating action is more than justified in cosmetic products such as: shaving and aftershave, hygienic lipstick, shampoos and skin care head, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, bath foam, shower gels, skin creams, lotion, makeup remover, and others.

Propolis Hair & Beauty
Propolis is traditionally used to treat and strengthen the hair of any type. It contains everything you need hair to keep splendor, shine and elasticity - vegetable resins, essential oils, mineral salts and vitamins. If your hair is useful to rub into the scalp 10% propolis extract previously diluted with water (2 teaspoons extract at 0, 5 liters of water). The tool does not wash! The procedure is taken daily to achieve the desired effect.

 The magic power of propolis
 The extract of propolis   you can buy in a drugstore, but you can cook at home. Buy propolis in a specialty store with bee products on the market or from beekeepers. To do this, take propolis, most of his mash and pour 70 percent alcohol in a ratio of 1 to 4, filled with alcohol propolis leave for 10 days in a cool dark place, then strain all through cheesecloth and then, you ready propolis extract. The shelf life of such an extract is virtually unlimited, you probably use up him before he comes into disrepair! After all, it can be used very diverse - added to cosmetics to cook from it lotions for the skin, rinse the throat and mouth, etc.

Add your favorite hair mask on half a teaspoon of extract of propolis, and they will become much more efficient.

- Hair mask dandruff from propolis
Mix: 1 tbsp. l. colorless henna, 2 tbsp. l. whey, 0, 5 h. l. propolis extract and 1 tbsp. l. St. John's Wort oil. Apply the mask on for 40 minutes, course of treatment - 30 procedures.

 The magic power of propolis
 - With the help of the propolis extract can enhance a beneficial effect on hair burdock oil. You can choose to add the use of burdock oil in a warm half a teaspoon of extract of propolis, and you can buy a ready-made product "Burdock oil with propolis" - The result will be the same. After one month of use is greatly improved condition of the scalp: peeling and eliminated dandruff, normalizes the secretory activity of glands, hair get a nice shiny look and splendor.

For those who like simple and effective solutions, there are plenty of ready-made tools for hair care, in which as one of the main components include propolis.

- The weak and damaged hair to help the use of "Balm-Mask Propolis plus buckthorn for weak and damaged hair" from Belkosmeks (Line Bialowieza melodies), which will give your hair vigor and vitality.

- For prone to loss of fine hair dry and normal type of fat used shampoo "Honey, Propolis" by Styx .. Apart from propolis, this includes a large number of active ingredients: enzymes, vitamins A, C, PP, B, H, extracts of aloe, parsley; burdock oil, jojoba oil, coconut; pomace rose, flax, essential oils of pine, chamomile, thyme, and others. The manufacturer promises that within the first 2 weeks becomes noticeably shampoo tonic effect .. weak, thin hair becomes less. Increases the tone, elasticity and strength of hair, and 6-8 weeks of regular use shampoo, new "shoots" the young hair is stronger, more resilient, brilliant.

All the beneficial properties of propolis list is simply impossible! After all, it can be used not only externally, but also inside, activating the body's defenses, helping it to cope with various diseases, restoring and maintaining health and youth. No wonder, according to one version, called "propolis" means "protection of the fortress." "Pro» (pro), in Greek means "front", and the policy (polis) - «city fortress." If our body is considered a fortress, the name is very symbolic and correct.
Author: Olga Travleeva