Perhaps there is nothing that spoils the appearance, and therefore the mood of how to manifest nowhere wart. In the old days, people believed that the warts - the result of damage to human guidance through the frog. However, fresh water has nothing to do with it.

Warts - a benign skin tumor formation - growths round shape yellow or dark gray color, the result of papillary proliferation and horny layers of the skin.

Warts are contagious, infection occurs through contact with a sick person.
The incubation period of the disease lasts from 7 weeks to 5 months.

Warts often appear at the site of injury - on the hands, fingers, knees, elbows, scalp. It should appear a wart, and they can spread throughout the body.

Types of warts.   Warts are different:

- For example, school-age children are simple wart or vulgar, most often on the hands, at least on the border of lips.
- At the time of his youth, young people and high school students on the back of the hands, feet, the face may appear youthful flat warts. They have a smooth surface and only slightly above the level of the skin.
- At older ages are palmar-plantar warts - tight formation with horny layers.
- In mature women, alas, often appear on the neck, the skin of the eyelids, armpits, groin, under the breasts soft papilloma flesh or brown on the stem - filamentous warts.
- Genital warts in the form of a ball, pyramid or cauliflower appear, usually as a result of casual sex with strangers or unfamiliar sexual partners and are located on the mucous membranes of the genitals, around and inside the rectum, sometimes in the urethra. The fact that these warts are transmitted sexually, American scientists proved by subjecting the study returning from the Korean military, which often observed penile warts acquired through heterosexual sex with local women. The saddest thing is that a month and a half in the genital warts appear and these military wives.


Methods of disposal . Modern medicine used in the treatment of warts:

- Antiviral agents internal and external action,
- Removal of warts with nitrogen,
- Surgically,
- Electrocoagulation,
- Exposure to caustic solution
- Laser
- And combined methods.

Some doctors believe that the virus is "settled, and slumbers" in the nerve tissue of the human body, and its manifestations and revitalization directly related to the nervous system of the person. That is, ideally - Heal the nerves and live quietly.

 There are folk ways.

1. Warts on the feet daily with linseed oil to grease.

2. Soak the bandage green liquid soap, and tie them to the wart. A day wrap again. Repeat 2-3 times more.

3. Morning and evening before a meal to take a pinch of the powder of Magnesia.

4. Squeeze the garlic clove and combine it with lard, then dip the bandage into the mixture and wrap them wart. Change the bandage every day is necessary.

5. Apple cut in half red thread, the two halves of an apple rub the warts, to lay down the apple halves back together and connect them the same thread. Bury this apple to the ground when the apple rots, warts disappear.

6. Soak the raw onion for 2 hours in the vinegar. Snap of the bulb to the wart overnight. Repeat procedure should be several times until the wart will disappear

7. Tightly wrap the wart, and do not remove the bandage as long as possible - until they get dirty. For 2-3 weeks the wart should go.

8. On the silk thread to tie knots in the air over each wart. Hide this thread a fresh cut with potato and bury it so that no one saw. When the potatoes rot, warts disappear.

9. Every day, in the evening before going to bed, dripping from a pipette onto the wart one drop of acetic acid, so that fell only on the wart.

10. Grease as often as possible warts juice of milkweed.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva