Birch sap - a nice solution to the problems of spring
 In the spring, when nature comes alive around ring streams, there are the first flowers of spring in the forest begin to "cry" of birch, that is a period of rapid sap flow.

In different regions of birch cry at different times, in the south - somewhere in March, and in the north in late May or even later. This period lasts 2-3 weeks, and it is necessary not to lose time to catch plenty to drink this delicious, refreshing and very useful drink - birch sap, without forgetting its other applications.

And, very importantly, in the spring, when the body is weakened and in need of nourishment vitamins, minerals, and sources of natural healing in the form of fresh greens, fruits, berries, vegetables yet, nature shares with us this unique tool.

It has long been known that birch sap has a beneficial effect on the entire human body, medical studies have shown that even one glass of birch sap a day during the season sap flow has effectively helps us to cope with the spring weakness, depression, vitamin deficiency.

What store "birch tears"
So what is so valuable birch sap that in him this useful?

 Birch sap - a nice solution to the problems of spring
   Well, firstly, birch sap is rich in minerals and trace elements, especially a lot of potassium (273 mg / l). The composition of the juice is also included: sodium (16 mg / l), calcium (13 mg / l), magnesium (6 mg / l), aluminum (1-2 mg / l), manganese (1 mg / L), iron ( 0, 25 mg / l), silicon (0, 1 mg / l), titanium (0, 08 mg / l), copper (0, 02 mg / l), strontium (0, 1 mg / l), barium, nickel, zirconium and phosphorus. The content of sugars - glucose and fructose - reach up to 2% - 4%. In addition there are in the Birch sap organic acids, vitamin C and B vitamins, protein, tannin, aromatic substances, volatile with high antimicrobial activity.

Juice is useful in many diseases, it normalizes metabolism in the body, stimulates biochemical processes in the liver, improves the immune system, has diuretic, anthelmintic, anti-allergic, anti-tumor effect. Birch juice, as an additional tool, used in the treatment of diseases of the stomach and duodenum, as well as arthritis, arthrosis and diseases of the spine.

In addition, birch juice increases resistance to cold, infectious and viral diseases. With therapeutic purposes it is necessary to drink 1 glass 3-4 times a day before meals for 2-3 weeks. If tonsillitis, pharyngitis, stomatitis and other diseases of the throat and oral cavity useful gargle and mouth birch juice several times a day.

One should not forget about the beneficial effects of birch sap on the skin, hair, and it is not surprising with such a chemical composition ...

 Birch sap - a nice solution to the problems of spring
 Bright, clean birch juice for the health of our skin
In early spring, when the skin is pale, dull and tired, birch juice - a great alternative to lotions and tonics. Just Wash them in the morning, and it's a wonderful, rich in minerals means perfect refresh, moisturize and cleanse the skin of any type. Yes, and freckles make inconspicuous, since it has a slight bleaching properties. It is useful to wipe the skin with birch juice with eczema, acne, skin irritation.

Birch sap, unfortunately kept long even in a refrigerator. If you want to stretch the season of use of birch juice, freeze it into molds for ice. It is believed that when frozen birch sap almost does not lose its beneficial properties. Clean cubes "ice birch" face, neck and chest area. This procedure is perfectly rejuvenates and tones the skin.

Good and face mask with birch sap For example, as follows:

- To improve color
Mix a tablespoon of sour cream, two tablespoons birch juice and one teaspoon of honey. Apply to the skin after 15 minutes, rinse with cool water. Beautiful skin is provided with a matte finish

- Cleansing and moisturizing mask
White or blue clay dilute birch sap to the consistency of heavy cream, apply the mask on your face for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with birch sap.

- Whitening Mask
Spread a tablespoon of white clay birch juice to a paste. The resulting mass is put on the skin are the places where there are freckles and age spots. After 20 minutes, rinse with water or birch juice.

- Rejuvenating Mask of wrinkles
Two tablespoons birch juice mixed with 200 g. and 50 g of sea buckthorn. wheat germ. Spread to the consistency of cream and apply on face. Wash off after 20 minutes.

- Restoring mask for dry, aging skin
Tablespoon of birch juice mixed with a tablespoon of mayonnaise and add a teaspoon of honey. Apply the mask on your face for 15-20 minutes, rinse with cool water.

 Birch sap - a nice solution to the problems of spring
 - Lotion from birch sap for dry skin
Fresh birch juice to a boil over low heat and immediately remove. In 200 gr. juice, add a teaspoon of liquid honey and stir until completely dissolved honey. Wipe the lotion face and neck two - three times a day

They love our hair fresh juice of birch ...
Birch sap is an excellent means of hair care, use it instead of balm-conditioner and your hair will become thicker and more luxuriant, will shine and softness, dandruff disappears.

Lotions and hair masks based on birch sap in the spring to help the rehabilitation of hair after a long winter.

- Lotion for oily hair
Two tablespoons birch juice mixed with one tablespoon of honey and a teaspoon of salt. add 1 cup vodka and mix everything carefully. Keep lotion in a dark glass container in a dark place. After 10 days of infusion lotion ready for use. Before each washing hair should be rubbed into the skin, and then a half hour to keep his head under warming cap, and then wash the hair.

- Nourishing Hair Mask
Mix the juice of birch and burdock oil, to one part oil of about three parts of birch sap. Wrap your head. After 20 minutes, carefully rinse your hair with regular shampoo.

- Firming Mask for hair with aloe
Tablespoon of birch juice mixed with a tablespoon of aloe juice, add a tablespoon of honey, a teaspoon of garlic juice and one egg yolk. Apply the mask on the scalp thoroughly and carefully rubbing it into the roots of the hair, put on warming cap. After 2-3 hours rinse, rinse hair with nettle and birch leaves.

 Birch sap - a nice solution to the problems of spring
 To extend the period of use of birch sap for cosmetic purposes, it can not only freeze, but also preserve, adding to each 250 grams. juice of 40-50 g. alcohol. The second option conservation - 100 grams. add the juice of 10g. glycerin and alcohol. Keep this product should be preserved in a dark cool place. Of course, this is different from the canned juice freshly but, nevertheless, its use for the preparation of lotions, tonics possible.

If you are going to do their own collecting birch sap, take this process with the responsibility not to harm the tree. Terms collect the juice is not too complex, but they exist and if they adhere to, there will be no damage to the birch, and you can with a clear conscience to accept her generous gift. Birch juice - the best means for the spring of beauty, health and Updates!
Author: Olga Travleeva