Chamomile Assistant to the rescue
 Daisy - floral gift of Mother Nature, and Nature - a good counselor!

Chamomile is known as a medicinal herb since ancient times. This wonderful grass used in many cosmetic recipes, medicinal decoctions, lotions, tinctures and teas. Chamomile rightfully enjoys popular attention, because, its healing properties are used for indoor and outdoor use. A pleasant smell and beauty of the flower, which has a daisy, happy beautiful half of humanity - lovely gentle woman.

Of course, every home medicine cabinet has a daisy. Now you can buy ready-made or stock up yourself. Collect and harvest chamomile better at the beginning of its flowering, in dry sunny weather for two days, as the flowers bloom pretty quickly. For dried flower baskets are taken only. Chamomile is best to dry the raw materials under cover - for example, on the veranda, in the country or in any way under the scorching sun. Dried chamomile are best kept in paper or cloth bags. Storage life - not more than one year, the next year is better to stock up on fresh. This useful thing you can do with the kids, and it is compatible with the festivities in the open air on a green meadow and holding a fun and pleasant rest time. And then in the winter so nice to get dried chamomile, collected his own hands and prepare aromatic tea.

Here is the recipe of the magic drug:

10 c. chamomile flowers, 10 gr. lavender flowers, 10 g. Stir lemon balm leaves and place in a brewing container, pour boiling water and let the tea brew for 15 minutes. Due to the fragrant smell of herbs, a pleasant tea party secured. A useful substances contained in these plants will have the most beneficial effect on the entire body. Tea calm, remove the feeling of inner restlessness, help with insomnia. Herbal infusion will restore emotional balance, caused by nerve experiences, and give a sense of comfort and tranquility. The curative properties of these herbs help in various diseases, such as gastrointestinal problems of a different nature.

This part of the tea can be combined with other herbs, such as valerian root to add a clear-known soothing properties or passionflower (Passiflora), which provides the hypnotic effect, and many other herbs - mint, St. John's wort, etc. Thus, creating a recipe herbal tea.

There is another recipe for rapid recovery and good health. In the evening before going to bed you can drink a cup of chamomile and honey - just a pair of wasted minutes, 10 gr. chamomile and one teaspoon of honey. In the morning the result will be a state rested after sleep, cheerful mood and an attractive appearance.


Chamomile has deserved the attention of cosmetic manufacturers who use the extract (extract) chamomile flowers in its various cosmetics. Such popularity of chamomile owes its medicinal properties, allowing to stimulate healing, softens the skin, relieves irritation, redness and inflammation, have a lightening effect on the hair and improve their growth.

 Chamomile Assistant to the rescue
   Due to its diverse healing properties, chamomile has been used successfully in children's cosmetics. Every family baby cream with chamomile takes its place on the shelf. It is popular for little princesses and princes, and older half of the family. But besides the cream, broth chamomile is used for bathing babies. This bath soothes baby's skin exposed to the different skin reactions (especially during infancy), helping to cope, such as heat rash or redness of various allergic. If a bath add a drop of essential oil such as lavender, the pleasant aroma will help your child to calm down and go to sleep quietly. Bathing children in the broth of herbs useful at any age.

Here's a little secret for moms who have kids refuse to sleep. Many infants are inherent problems of poor sleep and whims. To cope with this help camomile tea made from 2 tbsp. spoons of chamomile on a cup of boiling water, which should be given a little crybaby one teaspoon three times a day after meals. The same infusion of chamomile can also be lubricated lips at night.

Daisy has not left unattended and hair. Women with light brown hair fit this recipe for healthy hair care. To give your hair a golden hue and healthy enough to shine after washing rinse hair decoction of chamomile, can be supplemented with nettles.


Chamomile - a very common plant that belongs to the genus of annual grasses and Asteraceae family includes about 50 species. Daisy Blooms from May to August, native to Africa, Eurasia, and, of course, Russia.

Do not remain without attention of chamomile face and the other attractive parts of the body. A few recipes that you can add to your home The book is useful.

The infusion of chamomile pour into molds, put in the freezer and icicles formed daisy in the morning wipe the face. The reward of such a procedure would be a healthy complexion, tightened skin and pleasant refreshing, awakening feeling after sleep.

Just warm chamomile extract, without any manipulation with it, you can wash your face, wash your hands and neck. It is better to do it at night so that you can not wipe after such a procedure, and leave to dry. It is a way of skin care will reduce the fat content and porosity, relieve irritation and soften the skin.

The herbal blend of chamomile, jasmine, nettle, rose petals, dandelion, wormwood, mother and stepmother, to help cope with the problem of age spots, lining the complexion and increasing its tone.

The skin will fade cosmetic cooked at home with their own hands. To do this, make a glass of boiling water chamomile, linden flowers, peppermint and St. John's wort, brew it and add one tablespoon of glycerin and cologne. This tool can be applied to the skin, and even on the hands and neck. The tool improves the tone and health of the skin.

Lips cracked and peeling can be put in order, using camomile tea with eucalyptus. Before using the infusion is desirable to lubricate the lips with honey and a little hold. Healthy lips and a nice smile - your good mood.


White daisy flowers contain a lot of natural chemical compounds, but an unforgettable aroma of chamomile gives substance contained in the essential oil - chamazulene, which is the main carrier of medicinal properties of this flower. Therefore chamomile in folk medicine deservedly takes its place among such important healers as St. John's wort, ginseng and Rhodiola rosea.

Show your help look beautiful eyelashes, make them as possible infusion of chamomile, calendula, eucalyptus and mint. Eyelashes need our care is not less than the eye.

The skin is exposed to an unpleasant acne can be treated in a manner which is also at the heart of this is a wonderful plant. With chamomile can make a steam sauna for the face or applying chamomile compress on 15 minutes, making this procedure lying in a relaxed state. After that it is necessary to wash and wipe with a few simple data extract face.

Tired legs help foot baths with chamomile, sage and primrose (primrose) with a water temperature no higher than 35 degrees. Painkillers and anti-inflammatory properties of these herbs will remove heaviness and fatigue after a working day, soothe the skin of the feet, will give an instant feeling of softness and comfort. These procedures should be done about 10- 15 minutes 1-2 times a week, and not only after the feeling of tension in the legs, and to take the habit, and to care for their feet at any time. And then the legs will always be beautiful, healthy and strong.

It turns out, chamomile (pharmacy) - is not only a beautiful flower, but also a plant with potent healing properties. Universal tool used in many pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, folk medicine. Reliable medical assistant on the shelves of our home, dignity, which is the ease of preparation and high monetary value. This herb helps to maintain the beauty and health, providing a healing effect.

Daisy - floral gift of Mother Nature, and Nature - a good counselor!

Camomile beauty and good health to you!
Author: Anastasia Raikov