Syringa gift ...
 In central Russia in May, it comes the real spring. And many a feeling of spring is associated with blooming lilac ... Large brush, decorating our towns and villages, barely swaying in the wind, spreading around the neighborhood seductive aroma. And somehow miraculously awakens in the heart of lilac desire to love and be loved ...

And yet she is able to promise that all wishes come true love certainly worth only to find a branch petals 5 lucky ...

The name lilac received from the Greek word "Syrinx" - a tube - for the shape of flowers. A Greek myth says that lilacs become beautiful nymph Syrinx, fleeing harassment from amorous ugly, horned and goat-legged Pan - god forests and fields. Since then, as a beautiful nymph into a tree with fragrant color brushes, Pan was just what to make of lilac reed and play on it, uttering mournful sounds of moving, merging into a melody of love.

Homeland lilac called Asia Minor and the Balkans. In 1563, A. Bazbek from Constantinople brought her to Vienna, and from there it spread throughout Europe. In Romania in 1828 botanists found a wild kind of lilac. Now there are more than 28 species of lilacs and more than 1,500 varieties, but the most common and known almost all of us - Syringa vulgaris.

Syringa vulgaris - Syringa vulgaris L.   - Deciduous shrub or tree from the family of oilseeds. In Russia, the first named lilac chenille - from the word blue. In lilac powerful root system. At the height of the tree grows to 2-6 meters. Rarely higher. Stems are branched. Bark grayish. Dark green, pointed, heart-shaped leaves are on long stalks. The leaves of lilac bloom very early, sometimes even ahead of the birch tree. Autumn leaves stay long on the branches, not yellow, and green fall.

Flowers come in all shades from white to pale lilac and dark purple, almost black. Flowers simple or Terry collected in pyramidal brush inflorescences. Exude a powerful, exciting, pleasant aroma. Lilac blooms in May and June.

Fruit lilac - flattened oblong capsule with light brown three-edged seeds. It ripens in July-September. Lilac is a great ornamental value and is cultivated almost throughout Russia, with the exception of tundra and permafrost ...

Lilac is not only beautiful and unpretentious, stand up, as drought and frost, blooms as in the sun and in the shade, and it still protects against dust and gases keeping them three times better than the usual poplar citizens.

 Syringa gift ...

Lilac widely used in folk medicine From the flowers, buds, leaves and bark. In its leaves and flowers contain: organic acids, minerals, tannins, glycosides, essential oils ... In Russia, as a medicinal plant lilac was first mentioned in 1760, the famous Russian botanist, founder of agricultural science in Russia Andrey Bolotov.

Flowers harvested during flowering, the leaves in early summer and dried in the shade in a well-ventilated place. Shelf life of raw materials for 2 years. Infusions of lilacs have sedative, anticonvulsant, anti-inflammatory, diaphoretic, antipyretic, diuretic, expectorant, analgesic properties.

- In traditional medicine infusion of flowers in the vodka used for colds and coughs.

- Flowers, sealed, as a tea, take in whooping cough, tuberculosis of the lungs, kidney stones.

- When belyah. 1 tbsp. spoon of dried flowers of sugar and 1 cup water, leave for half an hour. Strain, used for irrigation.

- The infusion of the leaves Lilac take rheumatism, gout, and salt deposits in the joints. 2 tbsp. tablespoons dry raw sugar and 1 liter of vodka, insist 2 weeks in a dark place. Take 30 drops 3 times a day for half an hour before meals. This composition as rubbing the joints in arthritis, rheumatism, and back with radiculitis.

Inside lilacs can be used only under the guidance of an experienced herbalist, because the whole plant is poisonous.

- The infusion is prepared for grinding and of the flowers lilac. Common lilac flowers gather in the evening after sunset dry weather and fill them up to the top half-liter bottle. Pour triple cologne. Insist in a dark place for 21 days.
When thrombophlebitis removal inflammation of the feet at night draped with fresh leaves of lilac.

Essential oil lilac   appreciate perfumers around the world. It is part of the most exquisite and expensive perfumes and cosmetics.

Perfume "Persian lilac"   Russian cosmetic factory "Brocard and K" have won more gold medals at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1889 and were at the peak of popularity in Russia more than 25 years.

Perfume "White Lilac"   It was created by perfumers Leningrad during the Soviet era and are of interest so far.

Essential oil of lilac has a bactericidal action.

At home, prepare extracts from flowers, leaves and buds of lilac That tone, cleanse and disinfect skin.

- 1 teaspoon of raw sugar and 1 cup boiling water. Insist 30 minutes. Use for washing.

- For oily skin and acne face wipe alcoholic tincture of lilacs (which has a recipe above), spreading it with boiled water 1: 1.

- To skin was supple and more youthful face smeared moisturizing cream on top and nakradyvayut scalded leaves of lilac. After 15-20 minutes wash with cool water.

Siren has a positive emotional impact, improves skin tone and soothes the nerves at the same time, if you just stand next to it a few minutes, breathing in the scent of her and admiring her buds. Similarly, it acts bouquet of lilac, standing at home.

But at night in the bedroom of his leave should not be!

To lilac was long, the water added citric acid or lemon juice.

And they say that the found 5 petals, really bring happiness.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva