The most tender and useful, white tea - all diseases!
 Teas are different: black, green, red, yellow. All are healthy, delicious, and, in principle, the choice of tea - a matter of taste. But there is a variety of tea, standing, as it were separate from that of the usual number, and it's not only in its high price, but in fact, it is one of the most expensive varieties -white tea! Its properties are unique, and in China, where he performed for them in the Middle Ages its fame Imperial drink and "elixir of immortality". There are two varieties of white tea: Pai Mu Tan ("white peony") and Yin Zhen ("Silver Needle").

Why so much appreciated this kind of tea? Well, firstly, it is collected by hand, silk gloves, and even with an absolute requirement to collectors do not eat garlic, onions, spices - all of which can be in the slightest degree affect the flavor of delicate leaves and buds. But this tea is harvested only two days a year - once in April, and the other - at the beginning of autumn. If the day when you need to collect the tea will go rain or strong wind, the entire crop under threat of death, so it is not surprising that white tea is grown in small quantities, and the kilogram price comes to $ 250. But this price is due not only to rare and time consuming production. The second reason that white tea is highly valued - is its healing properties far exceeding the similar properties of green tea, recently very popular all over the world.

In the production of white tea is not fermented and not deformed, using only the best raw materials - tea buds with white fuzz that only dried and tender leaves. This fluff (villi) in the tea leaves themselves after welding is the main visual indication of the quality of white tea and give it a whitish color, the infusion of an almost colorless, and the taste - subtle and very gentle. Well, that the processing of raw materials is minimal, it allows you to keep all curative properties.

Recent studies have shown that Chinese emperors knew at the dawn of our era: white tea - the best drink to promote health .  This tea is extremely rich in vitamins, it strengthens the immune system, has beneficial effects on the heart and blood vessels, protects against viruses and bacteria .  Its antioxidant properties, on average, two times higher than that of elite varieties of green tea, which means that he is better than fighting with the consolidated radicals, more effectively while maintaining health and youth to those who use it more or less regularly .  Due to the high content of vitamin P, which strengthens the walls of blood vessels, this tea is extremely useful for women who have problems with veins .  High and its anti-cancer properties .  Studies have shown that white tea is green and has the ability to protect against different types of cancer .  The reason, as scientists believe, is contained in tea epigallocatechin gallate .  So, in the compound of white twice .  Well, even the most EGCG helps protect skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation and prevents the formation of tumors .  In addition, he can fight the signs of aging skin .  Among the other health benefits of tea - protection against plaque and potentially tooth decay and strengthen bones .

  Tea ceremony

As with other teas, white tea brewing take the water is not too hot, not to kill its flavor and medicinal properties. When boiling is not necessary to bring the water up to 100 degrees, and a long time to boil, because in the process of boiling the water begins to disappear oxygen and water becomes "unpalatable", "dead". To tea is brewed in the right temperature range, it is necessary first to heat hot water dish in which it is sealed. This can be a teapot, cup and cutlery and utensils - gaiwan. Gaiwan a glass cup with lid and saucer, Chinese it is traditionally brewed tea from it the drink. Brewing water temperature should not exceed 70 degrees, while the infusion 7 - 10 minutes, and, then, the amount of tea for brewing must take about twice per plate than usual you doses of green tea. This is due to his extraordinary tenderness.

  No sugar, no cream or lemon tea for that no good, but would be appropriate dried fruit, rice dishes, savory pastries.
Buy white tea is usually narazves in elite specialized stores (although it is in online stores), stored in a sealed ceramic or metal bowl.

  Follow these simple rules - and enjoy a truly royal drink with a delicate aroma and a delicate noble color.

  Maybe for everyday use this tea ("Silver Needle") is too refined and expensive, but from time to time, you can pamper yourself and. And that completely, to the last drop, make the most of tea, do not dispose of "sleeping" tea leaves, it can be used as a scrub, you can pour water again and get an excellent tonic for the skin and the infusion lotions for centuries. This tonic protects the skin from free radicals, preventing premature aging of the skin, stimulates the vital processes in the cells of the skin, moisturizes, relieves irritation, soothes the skin. You can wipe the skin with ice cubes of tea.

  And professional cosmetics white tea extract as a valuable and rare cosmetic material found its application. It is part of the cream (night cream anti-wrinkle "White Tea and Ginseng" for mature skin, cosmetic line "Pharmacy Sheller"), shower gel (for example, restoring a shower gel "Apricot and White Tea" from Oriflame), masks, peelings, etc. And, behold, the legendary "New Dawn", now Nouvelle Etoile, has developed an entire line of cosmetics with the extract of white tea, it is called «WHITE TEA» («White tea"), and enter it as much as 20 cosmetic products.

Thus, white tea - one of the most effective natural ingredients in the fight against aging, moreover, tasty and healthy drink and, of course, our good ally in the pursuit of harmony, youth and beauty.
Author: Olga Travleeva