Three of the most useful plants for women. Interest Ask?
 In a conversation I was asked:
-What Do you think the three plants are the most useful for a woman?
-How Medicine, cosmetics or food?
-At all!
-Of Those that grow in the world?
-No, Of those that grow nearby.

Yes, this is a topic! To begin with, what in general may be useful for women plant, what problems they can solve?

I think every woman believes it is important how it looks. "I want to be beautiful" - that is the desire of each of us. But the beauty of a woman depends on her health. Beautiful, healthy hair, strong nails, smooth delicate skin beautiful shade - everything is derived from the state of internal organs. Therefore, we will look for plants that are universal in its effect on our body. Here are my choices:


Nettle true fount of healing, natural multivitamin. In addition, the plant is rich in protein, carotene, trace elements. Young nettle on the content of vitamin C will compete with black currants, but by the content of carotene - carrots and sea buckthorn.

 Three of the most useful plants for women. Interest Ask?
   Young nettle in the spring should be used extensively: in soups, salads, appetizers, and for the preparation of side dishes. She is an excellent substitute for spinach and sorrel in dishes where they are needed for the recipe. Do not miss the spring months, when the nettle gives healing herbs. Food nettle increase hemoglobin, clean container. During the summer you can eat nettle juice, decoctions of fresh leaves, seeds and roots. In autumn and winter you can use the dried raw materials.

Nettle is used in diseases of liver and gallstone disease, gynecological diseases, cystitis, bronchial asthma, anemia, hemorrhoids. It helps with edema, constipation, pain in the joints. The following applies (topically) as a wound-healing agent for skin diseases and as a means of hair care products. Well, as impressive?

I share some recipes for beauty and health

• To strengthen the hair, enhance their growth, treatment of various diseases of the scalp massaging fresh juice is used in the area of ​​hair growth or daily rinse decoction of fresh or dried leaves.

• Seeds of nettles good stimulant for sexual sphere, both women and men. Men stimulate the potency, treat prostatitis. Women reduce bleeding, and reduce tumors in female bodies. Recommended broth - 1chaynaya seed spoon in a glass of boiling water. Drink a quarter cup 2-3 times a day.

• Two pharmaceutical packaging nettle, one package of wormwood and cinquefoil pour two liters of vodka, after two weeks of insisting in a dark place, we will get an infusion. It can be used inside 20 drops twice a day, and outwardly, as compression and kneading, in various diseases of the joints. The tool is very effective.

• Broth nettle - 2-3 tablespoons nettle on half a liter of water - the perfect addition to the fees for decoctions and infusions; brewing tea in addition, will be useful in the treatment of the above diseases.


 Three of the most useful plants for women. Interest Ask?
   The second call is a solar plant, which is directly under the feet of a bed bright carpet of nature. Dandelion is also rich in vitamins and trace elements. In the spring it should be put in salads, added to other green crops. Before use, soak in cold salted water for about thirty minutes. A decoction of the roots of dandelion curative for kidney disease, gallstones and metabolic disorders. On the dandelion can write treatises amazing plant.

 Three of the most useful plants for women. Interest Ask?
   Bright yellow baskets should pour spill sugar or honey, stand in the sun in a glass container, until the juice. Then topped up with vodka at a ratio of 1: 1 and to insist in the dark for at least a week. It turns balm of extraordinary properties. It treats and cleans the liver bile ducts, cleanses the body of toxins, reduce swelling, stops inflammatory processes, treats joints. Eat it should be a tablespoon in the morning on an empty stomach. Dandelion balm can provide provocative action in the first days of the crisis can occur with allergies and liver problems. This is a manifestation of cleaning properties of plants.

Woodlouse or zvёzdchatka average

 Three of the most useful plants for women. Interest Ask?
   Pernicious weed with tender shoots and tiny white flowers with asterisks. The plant grows everywhere: in gardens, parks, vacant lots. Somehow, this plant is not widely used, but it is surprising properties. Wood louse is able to rejuvenate our body and organs. Zvёzdchatka activates the circulation of body fluids. In it literally sap flow begins. Skin, muscles, organs are filled with moisture.

Purifies the blood, removes toxins and wastes, in nursing mothers is activated lactation.

 Three of the most useful plants for women. Interest Ask?
   The grass can simply be added to salads, soups, stuffing - before flowering, it is very delicate. After flowering, you can prepare the juice to do infusions and decoctions. Grass may be dried, but you can just freeze. Woodlouse well to those who strives for harmony, it helps to intensify the burning of fat. Healing many gynecological diseases, it helps get rid of infertility.

Of course, the herbs to help women in the fight for health and beauty set. I chose these three because they are universal, virtually no serious contraindications, growing literally under our feet. They heal, feed, give health and beauty, and are available for free.
Author: Tamara Rozinsky