Lanvin fragrances Women
 The fashion house Lanvin was created exclusively by women Lanvin, Jean Marie, who in his short life, was able to make it among the most exclusive French fashion houses.

Mark Lanvin   It is of high quality and style: from clothes to perfumes. In the entire history it was created by a large number of flavors. Some are gone, others still delight our nose. A distinctive feature of the women's perfume line of the fashion house is that it is very feminine, very mysterious and unique.

Lanvin My Sin
Perhaps the most exclusive and has been commercially successful fragrance perfume «My Sin». These spirits have become popular very quickly because the presentation took place in the mid-20s of the 20th century, when the concept of sin and all that is connected with it has been very important.

This is one of the latest creations of Jean Lanvin with a mysterious Russian perfumer Madame Zed. On which, incidentally, is not known.

Top notes of the fragrance - sweet lemon, blackberry and pear, medium - white freesia, raspberry and peony. And the last sound gardenia, tuberose and nutmeg.

Lanvin Arpege

 Lanvin fragrances Women
 In 1927 it was created the fragrance called Arpege. Lanvin shone the spirits of his daughter Margaret.

 Lanvin fragrances Women
 The name comes from the name of stage «Arpege», who had married the daughter of Madame Lanvin. Even in the bottle depicts a mother's love, as embodied in these spirits. Later, by the way, it became a symbol of the fashion house Lanvin.

 Lanvin fragrances Women
 The very same bottle was created Armand-Albert Ratu , Which was the fashion designer in the 20-30-ies of the 20th century. It reflected in it his passion for Art Deco.

The original formula of the ratio of these spirits passes the spirits of music. Since fragrance is constantly shimmers. Initially, it included more than 60 flavors, which harmoniously together.

In 1993 «Arpege» has undergone some changes. Now, the initial note is a combination of aromas of neroli, bergamot and peach. At the heart of sound ylang-ylang, rose, iris, jasmine, coriander, clover, geranium, tuberose and lily. And will forever remain in the memory of the fragrance of patchouli, vetiver, sandalwood, vanilla and styrax.

Lanvin Éclat D'Arpege
Inspired by the aroma created by Jean Lanvin, Karin created Dyubriel Éclat D'Arpege . These spirits are the continuation of the story Arpege .

Éclat D'Arpege   presented his predecessors eternity. This fragrance is both classic but at the same time very actual.

The bottle was also borrowed from Arpege Only it made it a bit more modern style.

On the creation of smell worked 9 months. It is very fresh and bright. The top notes - green lily and Sicilian lemon. Heart note - a combination of fragrance of wisteria flowers, green tea leaves, flowers, peach, red peony and osmanthus. The skin will be felt for a long time smell the base notes - St. John's wort, sweet musk, white cedar.

Lanvin Rumeur
This fragrance is a harmonious blend of colors and smells of musk. The bottle also is a corporate style Lanvin. It is the same as the fragrance: feminine and luxurious.

Spirits Rumeur   done the impossible for the fashion house, they hide a fresh and mysterious smell of magnolia. Unravel the composition is virtually impossible. It is difficult to say what the smell is now. Sandal, patchouli and musk can? Top notes of this fragrance - the smell of magnolia flowers, which were collected at sunset. In the heart - white rose and jasmine. A perfume base - a combination of patchouli and musk. The aroma is very pleasant and mysterious. As any woman.

Jeanne Lanvin
These spirits are devoted to founder of the fashion house, and is one of the new flavors Lanvin. The presentation took place in 2008. He creates a fragrance Annie flips. It seems that these spirits are not that other, as collected in one bottle history of the fashion house.

The fragrance can be described as very feminine, cheerful and flowery. The top note - blackberries, surrounded by the smells of cedar and peach colors. Heart note - a cocktail of freesia, raspberry and peony. And the base notes - amber, sandalwood and nutmeg.

Lanvin Oxygène
This fragrance has made a splash as an owl in time Arpege. It is a fresh, non-intrusive and is perfect to wear it every day. This perfume was created in 2000 by Alberto Morillas. Top notes - bergamot, gardenia, iris, rose, hyssop and spicy scent of white pepper. A base notes combine the charm of sandalwood and musk.

All spirits by fashion house Lanvin, combine classic and modern. They are very feminine and unique. Envelops you from head to toe, and create an aura of mystery. They never go out of style and will always find its fans.
Author: Vera Karabutova