Fragrant breath of spring
 Spring - this is the first flowers and a warm breeze, is the time when all women would like to change, update everything: clothes, makeup and, of course, perfume.

She steps on the sunlit avenues and long trail of green dress flying behind her. On her lips she played a small smile, and his eyes mesmerizing beauty fascinated eyes shining. Her presence was impossible not to notice, after all its unearthly beauty goes straight to the soul, dispersed the winter cold, and gentle warmth of her touch cover all who saw her at least once. Nature met her sunny days, buds swell and the singing of birds. Yes, it is spring, flying gait is confident on the ground, looking in every house. Naturally, the spring must have its own odor, lighter than the winter flavors with notes of leaves and flowers, energetic, bright and vibrant.

This year, Spring will receive gifts from perfumery luminaries of the fashion world who have tried to make at the time when nature wakes up and the air is filled with aromas of the first foliage harmony with your mood joyful motives green season.

Crisis time!

1.   If perfume is not acquired as a gift, you can buy a tester, which is different from the version intended for sale only to packaging.

2.   If you do not have enough money for a bottle of 100 ml can buy a small bottle of perfume liked. If it is your flavor, then you return to the store for a larger caliber. And if you do not fit the flavor, you will not be sorry thrown money.

Wanting to get it a "spring" aroma, I went looking for him on the perfume shop. Boldly walking past shelves with "heavy" winter scents, my eyes fell on a few bottles, from which emanates a unique soft scent of awakening nature.

Ode to Spring

 Fragrant breath of spring

"Spring in the bottle," it seemed to me Omnia Green Jade by Bvlgari . Delicate, fresh scent. The fragrance represents the natural sensuality of spring fields, which sends an extract of white peony, green mandarin, pear flower, jasmine, pistachio, white musk and wood. In addition, each vial Omnia Green Jade added a few drops of crystal clear water from mountain springs. Fragrance Bvlgari cheer you up in bad weather day in March.

Spring frosts

 Fragrant breath of spring

Frosty freshness and aromas of flowers and wood - a unique quintessence of early spring days - that is my impression, after I smelled the scent. Le Parfum Zeste & Musc by Max Mara   - New variation of flavor, and Le Parfum is a more clear and transparent version of the original. The fragrance contains notes of bergamot, mandarin, magnolia, icy chords, nutmeg, freesia, datura, white pepper, lime, cedar and musk.

Pink glasses

 Fragrant breath of spring

Spring - a time of love. And for me, as for all others, it is probably pink - the color of love and tenderness. So I fell in love at first sight Love of Pink by Lacoste . This is - a very feminine fragrance, fragrance should smell that flower fairies. Love of Pink - a heady cocktail of flowers and spices. It is heard freedom and frivolity of youth, her carefree mood and openness around the world. As part of the fragrance notes of orange claimed, passion fruit, citron, pink magnolia, quince flower, white cedar, musk and vanilla.

Like summer heat

 Fragrant breath of spring

Really liked Brasil Dream by Estee Lauder Although it is more "old" flavor. Very bright perfume that just explodes sun splashes. The new fragrance includes top notes such as a fruity floral accord of the shades of guava, pineapple, orange blossom and neroli. It notes include heart - jasmine, gardenia, lemon, bergamot, and database - patchouli, sandalwood and coconut milk. It is a concentrated essence of the hot Brazilian summer, in a sealed glass bottle. Warm and exciting, it takes you to Brazil, full of life and the sun, beautiful flowers and exotic fruits.

East trail

 Fragrant breath of spring

Aroma M of Masaki Matsushima   - Deliciously fresh and playful, fruity-floral fragrance. This is - the embodiment of youth and informality. The notes in the aroma of sound - mandarin, grapefruit, bergamot, juniper berries, melon, apricot, passifrukt, lychee, wood, orris root and crystalline musk. Expressive floral bouquet fills his freshness and vivid notes of chilled fruit create a mood or love flirting.

After a "careful study" glass bottles with the precious liquid, I came to the conclusion that the spring perfume - is subtle, but at the same time, bright flavor. It must necessarily be fruity and certainly - floral. Spring smells should not be in disharmony with nature wakes up, the smell of fresh warm wind drops and they must pick out this natural wonder, but in any case not to interrupt these subtle and delicate flavors.

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Author: Inna Sedykh