How to leave a good impression of themselves thanks to the flavor?
 First of all, it depends on where you are, for what purpose and to whom you want to impress.

If you want the flavor was very persistent, it is necessary the presence of a chypre and bergamot note of such spirits as Mitsouko, Femme, Miss Dior or oriental / amber scents like Shalimar, Samsara, Spellbound, Angel, Coco.

In order to keep long the smell, follow the rules:

• Apply the perfume before you start to wear clothes and jewelery - some flavors vary in contact with synthetics and pearls.

• Create a layered fragrance: start with the shower gel, body lotion and then or oil, aromatic powder and cologne.

• Use perfume more often if you have dry skin or you temperamental personality (as far as flavor is stable depends on the character of the person). Oily skin keeps the smell longer - it is the result of mixing of sebum and oil make up the spirits.

Change your perfume wardrobe.   Look for something new, experiment! Otherwise, you cease to perceive the familiar fragrance, due to the loss of visual sensations. For the purchase of perfume is better to go in the morning, when your nose is not yet overwhelmed by the smells. And do not try to try a large number of spirits: three flavors - the most appropriate option.

Spray fragrance on the pulsing points - the wrist, with the earlobes, chest. Skin warmer in these places, and throbbing blood spreads fragrance, it leaves a pleasant smell. And do not forget that fragrance rises, so pay attention to calves, ankles and knees.

Apply perfume on a comb and comb your hair.

As I advised Madame Coco Chanel: "Apply the perfume where you want to kiss you." Excellent advice, without any irony. Madame Chanel perfume is also sprayed on clothes and told his models: "Create a fragrant cloud around you! "

How to apply fragrance to achieve maximum results?

It revealed a few secrets that you need to know:

• spray the fragrance should be at a distance of twelve inches.

• Estee Lauder is advised to spray the scent in the air and walk through a cloud of perfume.

• The Fragrance Foundation - an organization that is professionally engaged in the development of the perfume industry, advises apply perfume so that people feel them only through close contact with you.

Fixing or base composition of fragrances will smell stability and saturation. Such combinations are woody notes, spices, resins, musk, amber, vanilla, sandalwood, stiraksovoe, patchouli.

Storage conditions perfume affect the length of time their use So consider the following:

• Store the perfume in a cool, dark and dry place.

• Once the bottle is opened, like a good wine, it is protected from heat and light.

• Buy perfume in small amounts - so much better.

• Lifetime use of spirits is longer if you store them in the refrigerator. This is especially true of large bottles. Put them in a plastic bag and refrigerate.

And finally about any concentration of oils contained in various perfume products:

• Perfume (also known as the extract) contains 20-30% oil (high concentration). Fragrance lasts from four to six hours.

• Eau de parfum contains 10-20% oil and holds up to four hours.

• Cologne contains 5% oils and lasts from two to three hours.

• Eau fraiche contains 3% on oils and lasts up to two hours.

• Perfumed powder containing 9% oil.

• Shower gels - 8% oil.

• Body lotions - 3-5% oil.